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  1. bohemiansausage

    Authentic Western Jerky

    I don't know if this is a redundant post, or not; if so, I apologize.  Over my many years, I've made hundreds  (literally) of pounds of jerky.  I also did significant research into the origins, and the methods from yesteryear.  It seems original jerky was made from any portion of the animal...
  2. bohemiansausage

    Converted Brinkmann

    Last year I made some modifications to my Brinkmann Upright and converted it to a forced draft cold smoker.  The smoke generator is  a steel box with a cast iron pot (holes drilled for air flow) sitting on an electric hot plate.  The blower came from Graingers and the PVC fitting allow for a...
  3. bohemiansausage

    Hey from northern Maryland

    I've been lurking in the wings of this site for about a year.  I'm old to smoking, but new to my CGSP.  My son has had one for a few years and I got sold on it.  The engineer in me said 'I can do better!'.  Well, after a lot reading on numerous web sites, and about $100 and 30hrs of labor, I...