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  1. LoydB

    Featured Bourbon Maple Brined and Glazed Turkey Breast

    That looks amazing. I’ll be ready for turkey again in the spring, this is on the list.
  2. LoydB

    Black Friday Traditions?

    Day drinking and college football. Hook ‘em.
  3. LoydB

    Camembert all wrapped up

    Yay! More cheese! Those are looking good. My brie has started developing a decent mold coverage, hopefully ready for Xmas.
  4. LoydB

    Full Board from Yesterday

    Starting from top left corner - Duck Liver Pate, smoked ham from the farm I where I source my raw milk for cheese, Hatch chili bresaola, cheddar summer sausage, chorizo salami, black garlic & squid ink salami, Machego cheese, Shropshire blue cheese, Guido's hard Italian cheese (the one I made)...
  5. LoydB

    Feb. 2021 Fiocco di Prosciutto is ready...

    That looks seriously great. I'll be interested to see a pic after it has equalized for a bit.
  6. LoydB

    Full Board from Yesterday

    I did all the meats except the ham, plus one of the cheeses. A couple of the items that I thought people might think were too strong - the black garlic squid ink salami and the lamb & beef heart summer sausage - were the crowd favorites.
  7. LoydB

    Paprika Recipe Manager 3 Sale

    I have both the Windows app and the iOS app. They sync perfectly. I do most of the research/importing on the desktop, but cook exclusively from the iPad.
  8. LoydB

    Bel Paese semi-soft Italian cheese

    PM me an address. I don't need 5 of these.
  9. LoydB

    Bel Paese semi-soft Italian cheese

    Thanks! Thanks! Strong recommend as another rabbit hole. Thank you. This one from Amazon. They're made in the Ukraine, though, and are unsurprisingly out of stock. :(
  10. LoydB

    This week's camembert

    Oh yeah, it got devoured almost immediately. It was a bit more runny, but not a ton. Just be patient on the mold coverage, particularly if you have it in a regular fridge. I've got a bunch of brie in right now that I had to slice in wedges because I don't have a big enough drying container for...
  11. LoydB

    Lamb, Beef Heart & Feta Summer Sausage - Gyro style

    Thanks! This is definitely one that is way better sliced paper thin. Too much is overwhelming. Thanks!
  12. LoydB

    Time to get a slicin'

    It's a long drive, but you're always welcome!
  13. LoydB

    Paprika Recipe Manager 3 Sale

    I love this app. I have somewhere around 1300 recipes in it so far. I plan out meals a few weeks in advance, this makes it really easy for me to see what groceries I need, and when.
  14. LoydB

    Time to get a slicin'

  15. LoydB

    Thanksgiving Double Smoked Ham - Video

    After doing this a couple of times, I now have relatives buying extras to have me re-smoke. Strong recommend.
  16. LoydB

    Bel Paese semi-soft Italian cheese

    I've been rubbing this down with brine every couple of days for three weeks to form the rind, it's now time to get sealed and put in the cave for a few months...
  17. LoydB

    Great news from my cardiologist.

    Great news!
  18. LoydB

    Piacentino Ennese (Saffron & Pepper) Cheese

    This is Gavin's take on Ricki's take on a Sicilian regional cheese that uses saffron and peppercorns. It lost an incredible amount of whey overnight. I brined it, and it's going to dry for a couple of days before getting sealed away for 3+ months. This is what it looked like the night before...
  19. LoydB

    Howdy from Texas

    Howdy from Austin!
  20. LoydB

    Made it to the other side...

    Glad you made it through. I strongly suggest investing in a Body Blade. It will really help with recovery, particularly after PT has run its course.