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  1. actech

    would it be safe ?

    I just picked up a pork loin to make canadian bacon out of but i just noticed to use/freeze by date is 11/28. If i put it in cure now would that stop it from turning or would i be better to cut it for chops and freeze ?
  2. actech

    Venison summer sausage

    well its time to start making jalapeno cheddar summer sausage again And I cant find the recipe I used last year ugh. glad I got time to search for awhile. anyone has a link to a good one would be helpful. Got to print it off when done. Oh well just had to vent lol kurt
  3. actech

    Masterbuilt element

    has anyone changed one. I ordered one but to remove the screws on the inside of chip holder. Ha ha. Anyone figured out a way to do this. ?
  4. actech

    Meijer strip loins

    If you have a meijer by you , starting tomorrow whole PRIME strip loins 6.99 lb. Just ordered me some umai bags to 28 day age one
  5. actech

    Dessert turd ??

    Well not sure what everyone else will think of these but.... can’t be too bad. Jalapeño with cream cheese and raspberries from the back yard covered in buckboard bacon and smoked.
  6. actech

    Smoker died

    Glad Im not in charge of the main food this holiday. Made some abt's while my charbroil electric was preheating. Went to put them in and no smoke no heat element is cold . UGH Fired up the pit boss to do the job. I got around 4 yrs out of the charbroil and from what I've heard thats really...
  7. actech

    Cowboy Ribeye

    Sams had that big bone,looks cool, cost to much, ribeye for cheaper than normal ribeyes. Most seem to want to charge more for a rib bone. To the point .... How long for a 3# ribeye rare looking about 130. Ive not done ribeye yet and would hate to screw up a $25 steak. Kids already wanting to...
  8. actech

    I guess no more ?

    Guessing no more throwdowns?
  9. actech

    Memorial weekend cook

    Didnt get enough pics but you’ll see I was busy. Two fatties one with a “jambalaya “ filling. Rice shrimp scallops andouille sausage and I used Gouda cheese. Other fattie Italian 6 different meats inside,peppercini , Italian cheese blend and pesto. Abts with shrimp scallops and Cajun seasoning...
  10. actech

    Dried Jalepeno help

    I am making some summer sausage and this time i am trying dried japs instead of fresh. How would I convert the amount. I used 10% of fresh 1 lb per 10 of meat. Any ideas?
  11. actech


    Since I was on call over last weekend. Coldest weather in years. I am sick of fast food and frozen pizza,so I found a whole tenderloin for $66. 7lb. Sous vide the steaks [email protected] finish with a torch. Some black tiger shrimp and goodies made a meal to celebrate not being on call.
  12. actech

    sous vide burgers

    Figured I'd put this up solo ( on my anova thread). Sous vide dummies on fb showed me people doing burgers. Whats the point i asked its already tender. Well a 130* burger that is safe (pasteurized) is pretty damn good let me tell ya. 2-2.5 hrs in Jacuzzi. Egg creams, ice cream, Whole turkeys...
  13. actech

    Anova issues

    Anyone get an anova and have wifi connectivity issues? I have done everything and it just wont work. Of course tech support had me do everything i have already done. And I did it twice. So now I have to wait for them to be open again to see what they say. When I decided to quit using my beer...
  14. actech

    Prime eye of round

    I just spotted prime eye of round roasts for $3.99lb. I still have a couple normals in the freezer. Is there really gonna be much difference in prime eye of round vs cab ? I mean there isn’t much marbling in that meat to begin with. What do ya think.
  15. actech

    French Dip

    Got a couple arm roasts gave a quick sear. Bagged with rosemary , thyme and garlic. 130/20. Made some good sammiches. Who needs Arby’s I have the MEAT. And beer coated fries.
  16. actech

    Pork tenderloin

    135/2 Pork Tenderloin. Followed with a 500* sear. Seasoned with Owens Buffalo Wing seasoning. Still haven’t used this seasoning on wings, but been great on all I’ve used it on.
  17. actech

    Italian Beef

    Took an eye of round. On sale 2.99 lb. Gave quick seat on grill. Vacuum sealed with Italian seasoning and jar of pepperoncini (stems removed). Set at 135 about 14 hrs. Took out of bag and sliced on slicer. Put back in bag, added beef stock more seasoning and pepperoncini juice. Set at 140*...
  18. actech

    Eye of round

    Eye of round with salt pepper. Put on 500* grill. Vacd With garlic cloves and rosemary. 20hr At 132. So tender. Next time 19 hrs. I liked it but felt it was about 30 minutes from being mushy. Still good be a touch more tooth is needed
  19. actech


    Lower half of a butt. Pops brine for 10 days. Overnight pellicle. Then 12 hrs Apple using maze with smoker off. Rested, semifroze and sliced.
  20. actech

    Some Italian

    made some Italian. Made lasagna yesterday. And this ring today. Only had breakfat casing. But the fit better on the hot dog buns with all the goodies. Baked the lasagna on the pellet grill.
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