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  1. alan123

    Grinding Salmon

    Thank you for you complete and thorough answer, I appreciate your input with pics on bone structure and ease of removing them as a cook unit. I look forward to cooking or smoking salmon to an ’s and converting to a salmon pattie. Alan
  2. alan123

    Grinding Salmon

    I love salmon patties and was thinking about using some of my freezer stock for salmon patties. Can salmon, besides being canned has bones and skin mixed in it....... bad stuff. It is easy enough to remove the pin bones and skin from a fillet. But it brings up some questions, Has any ever used...
  3. alan123

    GIVEAWAY for an Inkbird NEW WiFi Sous Vide cooker ISV-200W

    I am just starting to play with cooking Sous Vide, thanks for the chance to win!
  4. alan123

    Vac Seal for marinade?

    Most of the time I just get as much air as I can out of a zip lock bag and zip it. If it is going to be a long soak I will get all the air possible out of a vac bac and just seal it, no vaccum.
  5. alan123

    SPECIAL Cyber Monday SALE! 50% Amazon Coupon for Inkbird Waterproof Instant Read Thermometer-$13.90

    I think I sent you a PM for the code, thank you for the offer!
  6. alan123

    $1 for 10lbs Chicken Quarters in North Texas!!!!

    I just checked our safeway ad...... I wish we had that deal at our Safeway in the PNW
  7. alan123

    Beer Can Turkey?

    Late to the party but I did a beer can turkey last summer, I used a Fosters beer, the can fit great, turkey turn out great also but I think it was a one time smoke for me....... chicken From now on, lol. Good luck!
  8. alan123

    Newbie Sausage Question

    X2 on the Sam Marianski book!
  9. alan123

    Newbie Sausage Question

    newbie here myself but I have made several varieties of sausages, how I was taught by my mentor was; cut the different meats ie; pork and back fat, into one inch squares add any seasoning including spices, herbs and cheese, etc. mix by hand and into freezer along with all metal grinder parts...
  10. alan123

    Divine Sweet Glaze

    Thank you, sounds close to what I did
  11. alan123

    Divine Sweet Glaze

    I recently made a sauce using crushed pinneapple and teriyaki reduced down, excellent! Looking for new similar sauces, what is SBR? Thanks
  12. alan123

    Freezing cheese dip?

    Thank so for the replies! I will eat a little tonight and round file the rest......... it was pretty good, live and learn.
  13. alan123

    Freezing cheese dip?

    I made a large batch of cheese dip and it was good enough I would like to save it if I can. It's Velvetta based with ground beef, onion, garlic, black olive and a couple of other things. Can this be frozen in a vacuum sealed bag and reheated? Or will it lose its consistency (texture) when...
  14. alan123

    Do you use foil under fish during smoking?

    I put it on the grate, but unless you clean the grate first and wipe down with cooking oil or spray it will stick as said above.
  15. alan123

    I need help with a good/affordable pepper grinder

    Thanks again for the help everyone. Wayne, thanks for pointing me in this direction, just ordered one off Amazon. I like the design and particularly the adjustable grind from coarse to fine. But you're correct it was an easy choice after the reviews, over 1900 reviews and 73% five stars, 90%...
  16. alan123

    I need help with a good/affordable pepper grinder

    Thank you very much for all the input and help, lots to look at and sounds like things will be better...... as far as fresh ground pepper. Thanks again, Alan
  17. alan123

    I need help with a good/affordable pepper grinder

    I hope this is in the right place on the board..... I'm ready to toss my third pepper grinder, they work great for a few weeks and then I hardly get anything from them. I love the taste of fresh ground pepper but seems sooner or later I have to reach for the pepper shaker. As I said, the...
  18. alan123


    I had the same problem when I set up my curing chamber. In my opinion the "dial" meters, as you have pictured, are worthless. I ended buying three different digital humidistats just out of frustration and all were very close to the same, but not exactly on each other...... tossed the dial and...
  19. First time with quarters

    First time with quarters

  20. alan123

    First time with quarters

    I've smoked plenty of poultry, but a friend suggest doing a few quarters on the grill using a tube to add smoke. I was extremely happy with the end result and will repeat. Apple chips.
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