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  1. nyc smoke

    FIRE WENT OUT! Any advice for a "stop and start?"

    Well after restarting and spending the morning back in the barrel, not so bad, but not my finest brisket either... Sliced and served the point and middle portions at a friend's party, they were moist and everyone loved them. Took the ends and dry, flat portions home with me to chop for brisket...
  2. nyc smoke

    FIRE WENT OUT! Any advice for a "stop and start?"

    Folks I'm ashamed to say I let the vent on the bottom of my trusty Pit Barrel Smoker get loose (and told myself "I'll tighten up that screw later!" and oh boy, now it's later) and it slid shut last night in the middle of an overnight 12 lb. Brisket smoke. Woke up to a cold fire and a dry, cold...
  3. nyc smoke

    12 Pound Turkey in my Pit Barrel Cooker in NYC

    Thanks Al! Here’s the final product, roasted breast-side-down in the oven for the last hour, came out great, crisp skin and a great smokey flavor. I used NO wood, only Humphrey’s all natural wood briquettes. Many thanks to you all for your comments and all the great info I’ve gotten from the...
  4. nyc smoke

    12 Pound Turkey in my Pit Barrel Cooker in NYC

    Thanks dirtsailor (love that, by the way), so far so good. Here’s a pic. Hit 150 a little early after only 3 hours though, this Pit Barrel Cooker is really efficient. Pulled it and have it sitting in a cambro, will finish it at 3:00 (an hour from now) in a 375 over.
  5. nyc smoke

    12 Pound Turkey in my Pit Barrel Cooker in NYC

    Going to smoke a 12# tomorrow, it came brined, got it thawed and washed and dried, sitting in the fridge to air dry overnight. Going to inject with organic chix broth and melted butter, throw on a little salt and pepper, and toss a quartered onion, apple and a bunch of whole herbs in the cavity...
  6. nyc smoke

    Basic Pulled Pork Smoke

    Thanks for these great instructions, my latest butt came out moist and everyone loved it!
  7. nyc smoke

    New to smoking

    Hey that's a hell of a first brisket there, jthornberry! Nice job! It gets more and more fun as you smoke more and more of 'em!
  8. nyc smoke

    Which of these smokers to buy?

    I'd throw the Pit Barrel Cooker in the mix - for $299 it's affordable and well reviewed (especially by ME!)...
  9. Which of these smokers to buy?

    Which of these smokers to buy?

  10. IMG_4816.JPG


  11. nyc smoke

    Rubbed a couple of butts last night

    Oh you made me hungry! Stuck on an airplane on the tarmac in Richmond VA and could use a plate of that pork right about now! Looking good!
  12. nyc smoke

    New and glad to join from NYC!

    Thanks Al! I'm loving my little bit o' Texas here in NYC and can't wait to learn more from all of you!
  13. nyc smoke

    New and glad to join from NYC!

    Thanks Mike, I'm actually planning on a 15 lb brisket smoked overnight, then a 15 lb turkey smoked that day, all for a 4pm sit down. Should feed 20 nicely! Really appreciate everyone's great posts and pix!!
  14. nyc smoke

    New and glad to join from NYC!

    Been reading all your wisdom for a while now, finally joined and glad I did. I've got a Pit Barrel Cooker in Harlem, NYC and I'm most experienced at brisket, though this thing does great ribs and chicken, too. Doing my first Thanksgiving turkey for 20 people this year, happy to have your...
  15. nyc smoke

    Turkey on my Pit Barrel Cooker - spotty rub?

    Glad too see a lotta pre-Thanksgiving "practice turkeys" here, and I'm at it too. Did a 15 lb bird on my PBC (which I absolutely LOVE) and it tasted great, moist, just the right amount of smoke, but the rub didn't seem to stay on in a uniform way. Left the bare bird uncovered in fridge overnight...
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