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  1. da maxx

    Curing Salt vs. Sugar

    Morton makes a curing Sugar. According to their website, it's complete interchangeable with Tender Quick. "Only Morton174 Tender Quick174 and Morton174 Sugar Cure174 PLAIN are interchangeable measure for measure. Morton174 Sugar Cure174 Smoke Flavored is used for DRY curing ham and bacon only."...
  2. da maxx

    Beef Jerky. Cure or Not ? Safe ?

    I've read numerous posting on Jerky and have done about 15-20 batches on my MES30. I've noticed that most use some kind of Jerky curing mix. I have never used a curing mix and wondering on the difference. I've tried different home based recipes. Most soy sauce based. My favorite recipe is using...
  3. da maxx

    Smoke flavor - weak?

    I just attempted my 9th smoking process, third attempt with pork butts. I smoked two 5.5lbs boston butts. Both came out very tender and juicy. However, the smoke flavor was not as strong as my previous two attempts. Setup: MES30, AMNPS, MAV 732, and second meat temp probe.  I did have a couple...
  4. da maxx

    Maverick ET-732 Question

    Working on two pork boston butts, have only 1 ET-732. The one with mav just got done @ 195. The other is still grilling only @ 185. Problem, this temp probe not wireless. Addicted to the Mav. So I'm thinking of buying another ET-732. Question: So can I use 2 ET-732 without interfering with...
  5. da maxx

    Pulled Pork

    Going to smoke Pork. I have an MES30 and AMNPS. I have done brisket, ribs, and whole chicken all excellent. I've read where the fat cap on the pork should be placed down. Is this right ? I thought the idea for the fat cap was to promote self-basting, which should be up. I did the brisket with...
  6. da maxx

    MES & Temp probe cord

    I've used my MES30 about 5 times. Each time, I placed the probe into the meat then routed the cord out the vent. I have always used at least 2 probes. One for the meat and the other for smoker temp. Routing the cords thru the vent takes some time and it's hot. I'm wasting heat. I guess I'm...
  7. da maxx

    MES30 & AMNPS

    My first use of the AMNPS was a short smoke. Just one row. Worked flawlessly. I placed the AMNPS on top of the two rails at the bottom, just left of the element and chip tray. I pulled the chip loader out and the row burned as advertise. This last weekend I smoked a beef brisket which needed to...
  8. da maxx

    Brisket Advice

    Trying my first beef brisket in my MES30 today. Started late, but I couldn't wait. It's a 5lb brisket. I had used the mustard and dry rub combination. It sat in the fridge overnight. I have it on the top rack. Right now temp is 226, MES reads 240. I plan on wrapping it at 165, cook til 200, then...
  9. da maxx

    MES 30 & Sand

    I've read numerous postings from smoking beef to fish on this site. Also read discussions on wether or not to leave the vent open or not. I've used the smoker twice. Each use, the meat was tender and juicy. I only had issues with my rub\sauce. Either too salty or not enough. My next smoke will...
  10. da maxx

    2nd Use...

    Planning my second use of my MES 30. Going to do Corned beef brisket. On the first use, I wrapped the drip pan and water pan with foil. Clean up was a breeze. However, I noticed there was grease under the bottom drip pan which didn't drain out the back. I didn't expect that. I guess the unit...
  11. da maxx

    Hello ! New SMF Member

    Hi all, wife just got me a new MES 30" smoker from QVC. I live in Port Orchard, WA. Originally from the island of Guam. Love this site. Tons of tips on recipes, rubs, and cooking techniques with the smoker. Looking forward to sharing ideas and learning.
  12. da maxx

    Temp Differences ?

    Newbie to MES 30". Just did my first use, 4 Pork ribs (st l style). Anyway, I also bought a digital thermo from WMart. I just placed it in the top vent. I was planning on smoking ribs around 225 deg. The MES read 200, the probe was 245 deg. Not sure which to believe. I probably should have put...
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