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  1. atwhitsend

    Breaking down beef

    They also have a very similar post breaking down a whole hog, which I found interesting as well.
  2. atwhitsend

    New guy in NC by way of La.

    Welcome to SMF. As a fellow NC-er, I think you'll find a lot of helpful information here. Great recipes, ideas, pictures, and folks willing to give you advice on different techniques. Enjoy.
  3. atwhitsend

    Lang 60 Deluxe

    Probably will order it this month, and hope to pick it up sometime in March. Going to drive down to Georgia to pick it up. Will have plenty of pictures to share.
  4. atwhitsend

    Lang 60 Deluxe

    Did a Prime Rib in the oven and finished on a fire pit for my family over Christmas and there is just nothing better than lighting sticks and cooking meat, so I'm with you there Notorious. Plus, I got the "go-ahead" from the wife, so there will be pictures coming up soon of my new smoker. Thanks.
  5. atwhitsend

    Holiday Briskets

    The briskets look great. Great smoke ring and a nice tasty bark on those bad boys. Well done.
  6. atwhitsend

    Weekend Smoking Lineup

    That is one heck of a way to ring in the New Year. Looking good so far.
  7. atwhitsend

    Pulled Pork and Smoked Turkey - Not a Bad Day

    Hope everyone is having a good holiday. Decided to cook up some BBQ for my family Christmas (and for the heck of it I also threw on a Turkey Breast). Used Meathead's Memphis Dust, no wrapping, cooking low and slow at 225 for approximately 12 hours in my 18.5" WSM. Had to replace the coals...
  8. atwhitsend

    Lang 60 Deluxe

    Thanks John, that's good to know. Makes me feel better about ordering the 60D if it is just going to be a small cook for my wife and I, or maybe a group of friends. Do you know if they will modify the 60D with the additional doors on the other side? Because I bet that would be handy for...
  9. atwhitsend

    Lang 60 Deluxe

    Question for the SMF crowd: how often do you use your larger offset smoker (Lang 60 Deluxe, etc.) for smaller cooks? I have a 18.5 in WSM that I have been smoking on for about 5 years now and love it. However, I am looking to step up my game and go a bit bigger. I went to a great BBQ class...
  10. atwhitsend

    Where in NC are you hailing from?

    Raleigh, NC here, but originally from Laurinburg, NC. Love all of the bbq history from the Great North State
  11. atwhitsend

    Raleigh, NC Up in Smoke

    Hello SMF.  Whitfield here.  Been smoking meat in Raleigh, NC for a few years after my wife bought me a 18.5" WSM as a gift.  Since then I've done numerous cookouts and a few whole hogs (albeit those are done on my great-uncles pig cooker).  Big fan of pulled pork (Eastern NC style - vinegar...
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