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  1. THW

    Thermoworks 1 day sale Jan31 about 10%

    Thermoworks has a one day sale on. I seems to be about 10% off which is what I got when I ordered 3 weeks ago so this sale may come around quite oftem, I don't know. I don't know if this is good or not but thought I would just let folks know. I hope this is not against the rules. Couldn't...
  2. THW

    MES 30" Temperature Zones Part 2 of 2

    The same parameters that were used in part 1 were maintained in part 2. Note the temperature was set to 275* With the probe placed on the 3rd shelf and located in the right rear corner, here is the results. Note: The aluminum drip tray remained in place. The cabinet temperature fell to...
  3. THW

    Mes 30" Temperature Zones Part 1 of 2

    I checked the temperature in 5 locations in my MES 30" and this id the results. Keep in mind that even in your kitchen oven, you can get temperature swings of 35 to 40 degrees. The temperatures were taken using a Thermoworks Smoke with air temperature probe. Some structure for my testing were...
  4. THW

    MES Support results

    Well I am very new to smoked meats, smokers and this forum but since I had a discussion with MES Support personnel, I figured I should comment on it. I have owned an MES 30" 2.5 gen. smoker for about 3 weeks now. During my first attempt to smoke a rack of ribs, I noticed a rather large...
  5. THW

    Little Help with Temperature on MES 30" Needed.

    Hi all, I have a brand new MES 30" gen 2.5 smoker that I an seasoning as I type. I set the temperature to wide open which is 275 degrees and set the timer for 3 hours. When there is one hour left, I plan to start the AMNPS with some Hickory pellets so it will get some smoke for the last hour...
  6. THW

    Finally (almost) ready for my first smoke.

    Well, I finally got my stuff delivered today so maybe I can get my first smoke in if we get a warm(er) day in the near future. I have had my new MES 30" in for a while now but was waiting on the meat thermometer I had ordered. It arrived in Indianapolis last Thursday. Then we got snowed on so...
  7. THW

    Exactly what are Pork Back Ribs?

    Well, I headed to the store today because the single digit temperatures are ending in Indiana and it was in the mid 30's today. Got a brand new MES 30" setting here staring at me with that one big eye and I want to attempt my first smoke. At the Grocery store (Kroger) they had four racks of...
  8. THW

    New Hoosier here with a lot to learn

    Hi all, I am so new to smokers that mine has not arrived yet. Ordered a MES 30" yesterday. Just me and the wife and we are in our late 60s so didn't see a need to start out bigger. We have a visitor about every 10 years when the census taker stops to count heads but he hasn't stayed for...
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