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  1. tanglefoot

    Had to try this! FROZEN RIBS???

    Thanks Al! I think I just got an education...and better yet, a few ideas!!!
  2. tanglefoot

    Big Nor'easter coming

    Here in Minnesota, we have a term for that...It's called Saturday. We have only 2 seasons...10 months of road construction and 2 months of "tough sleddin" STAY SAFE ALL!!!!
  3. tanglefoot

    Communicating in Movie Quotes

  4. tanglefoot

    Communicating in Movie Quotes

    You gonna pull those pistols or whistle dixie? THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES...1976
  5. tanglefoot

    Suggestions, please!

    PID controller and proper rewiring make any MES an incredible smoking tool. TRY IT!!
  6. tanglefoot

    Up really, really early today

    Looks like some mouth-watering tasty grub!!!!!!
  7. tanglefoot

    What's Your 20?

    Always good to hear some experience from folks beyond "the stall"
  8. tanglefoot

    What's Your 20?

  9. tanglefoot

    Bacon & "Extra Cheese" Burger Pizza

  10. tanglefoot

    Masterbuilt electric project

  11. tanglefoot

    New Green Mountain Smoker and first smoke

    Got my GMG DAN'L BOONE about 10 yrs ago. LOVE IT!! got some hot and cold spots, but like anything else, you learn and adapt. It's a dependable work horse. Been a valuable tool summer and winter (get the insulated winter cover). I clean mine after every 30-40 hours of use and have an old POS...
  12. tanglefoot

    Personalized Rubs

    That's the magic of this forum!!! Hints and ideas!! I've seen so many versions and flavors of rubs and sauces over the years. Tried a bunch of them. Don't always comment, but always appreciate the ideas. Thank you, SMF friends.
  13. tanglefoot

    What cuts of meat are these?

    Looks to me like the meat you highlighted is the best cut there! The rest of it looks tougher than japanese arithmetic!! My $0.02
  14. tanglefoot

    What Beer Did You Drink in High School?

    BORN AND WIENED ON BUD!! Still like it, but a vodka tonic guy now...
  15. tanglefoot

    Maple and Cherry score!

    No sense bobtailing if you don't have to!!!!
  16. tanglefoot

    Cured and smoked pork ribs

    WOW!! looks yummy!! added to my list!
  17. tanglefoot

    Babyback Bonanza

    That's quite a batch of some great lookin' grub. musta had some company stoppin over!
  18. tanglefoot

    Spam Candy on the MES 40

    Great idea! Gotta try it!...on a side note... That smoker is waaayyyy too clean!!
  19. tanglefoot


  20. tanglefoot

    Smoked Roast Beef Sammich

    A bit of sammie heaven there!!!! Lookin' great!! BTW...-9 here in SE MN. Might do soup instead of smokin' this weekend!!
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