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  1. gnatboy911

    whey protein isolate vs soy

    Hey Sausage experts...I'm looking at making Len Poli's Hotdog recipe. It calls for Whey Protein Isolate. Is that the same thing as the soy protein concentrate? These additives/binders have me all confused. I've never made emulsified sausages before but I want to try it out. Thanks!
  2. gnatboy911

    kielbasa recipe thoughts?

    Hey guys, I want to make my first kielbasa. I have some elk and venison I want to use, so I found a recipe that uses beef, so I'll sub the wild game. I'm hoping for a traditional polish style kielbasa. Thoughts on this recipe? Thank you!
  3. gnatboy911

    Sous vide Fried chicken

    Sure doesn't look very appetizing right outta the bath. 160/2.5ish. Meant to do 155 for 3, but got busy and forgot to start them. First time ever cooking fried chicken. They were delicious. Super tender and moist. The wife loved it. Flour seasoned with salt, garlic powder, onion powder, black...
  4. gnatboy911

    Elk tongue rueben

    So I saved the tongue from my elk last fall. I just got around to pulling it out of the freezer and doing something with it. I cured the tongue using diggin dogs cure calculator. It actually stayed in the cure for MUCH longer than I had planned (life got busy). It was in about a month. I...
  5. gnatboy911

    Wagyu brisket smoke

    Well the adventure begins tonight. Wagyu brisket went in the smoker a little after 11pm. I've never trimmed a brisket so I just sorta hoped for the best. I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos and reading a lot of articles and forum posts trying to learn. I trimmed off about 2 lbs of fat...
  6. gnatboy911

    Wagyu Brisket

    Well, nothing like cooking an $85 brisket for my first one.  I've done lots of pork in the past 6 years since I built my smoker, and recently have done a few chuck roasts that were great.  But I haven't done a brisket yet.  I wanted to smoke one for my son's 1st birthday.  My parents and the...
  7. gnatboy911

    Ham experiment

    Wanted to cook my Easter ham for my folks with my sous vide. After lots of research I didn't find a whole lot of info about cooking a whole ham. So I sorta just picked a time and temp and went for it. Sous vide at 150 for about 20 hrs. Then put in a 500 degree oven for about 10 mintutes to...
  8. gnatboy911

    large sous vide bags?

    Hey guys, So I want to do some experimenting for Easter Sunday dinner with a sous vide ham.  Problem is, my vac bags aren't big enough to hold the ham.  I bought two...a smaller one to test out this week with the wife, then one for Sunday dinner when the family comes over.  Gallon ziplocs aren't...
  9. gnatboy911

    first chuck roast

    All this talk of chuckies lately made me want one!  I've never smoked a chuck, or any beef for that matter.  I've done lots of ribs and pulled pork though.  I did a ton of reading through the archives here and here's what I ended up with: I've always had to reload my smoker with more charcoal...
  10. gnatboy911

    Smoked...then sous vide...pork butt experiment

    Hey guys, So I started a thread a while back asking if anyone had done this but nobody seemed to respond with much advice.  I gave it a shot.  I rubbed a pork butt with a rub I found online on another website.  Its my usual pork rub, its called Memphis Meathead Dust.  I smoked the pork at a...
  11. gnatboy911

    Buckboard Bacon and beans

    I took the end chunks from my BBB I just finished up and put it in the slow cooker with some pinto beans. I prefer black eyed peas, but this is all we had on hand at the moment. Pinto beans, BBB chunks, onions, a few garlic cloves, black pepper, and water. Put it in there last night to...
  12. gnatboy911

    cocktail wieners/little smokies

    Hey guys, so my wife doesn't really like sausage or bratwursts, but she does like hot dogs and those little cocktail weiners or little smokies...whatever they are called.  I'm trying to convince her we need a dedicated sausage stuffer (the kitchenAid mixer is horrible).  I told her I could make...
  13. gnatboy911

    Breakfast sammich

    With all these sammiches being posted lately...made an egg, cheese, and breakfast sammy this morning with the buckboard bacon I finished up the other day. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  14. gnatboy911

    Deer backstrap

    Another experiment last night. I put a chunk of backstrap in my usual marinade of Italian dressing and worcestershire sauce. Also added a splash of Dale's seasoning for some salt. Normally I just pull it out of the marinade the next day and grill it up, basting with the marinade as I go. Wanted...
  15. gnatboy911

    Sous vide/smoked pulled pork

    So, I've got a pork butt in the freezer that I plan on cooking in the near future. I was thinking of doing the regular rub then put in the smoker, but only till the internal temp hits about 155-160ish. Then putting in a sous vide bag and going overnight at 165 in the sous vide. A recipe I found...
  16. gnatboy911

    Sous vide website

    I found a website called Serious Eats, they have a large section dedicated to sous vide recipes, tips, etc. Thought I'd share with this forum. http://www.seriouseats.com/tags/sous%20vide
  17. gnatboy911

    Chicken breasts

    Well, last night was venison roast. Tonight was chicken breast. Coated 2 with Weber Zesty Lemon seasoning, added a couple tbs of butter, sealed it up in a ziploc and put it in the fridge. Meat went in at 5pm @ 145. Cooked for 2hrs. Pulled it out, juice from the bag went into a saucepan with some...
  18. gnatboy911

    First SV cook

    Well less than an hour after opening the box, I've got some meat going. This is a deer roast that I had in the freezer from a couple years ago. Plan is 24 hrs at 155. Saw several recipes online for large chunks of meat, and those were the recommended time and temps. Now, not being...
  19. gnatboy911

    Just ordered Anova SV

    Well, thanks to this forum, and some careful idea pitching to the head financial officer (wife) I ordered an Anova Sous Vide tonight.  I've read a lot of positive reviews of them.  I'm hoping for some tasty meals. Also thinking I can get some things prepared the night before, then late...
  20. gnatboy911

    tongue...cured, brined...thoughts?

    Hey guys,  So I have a tongue in the freezer I'd like to do something delicious with.  I have read up on the difference between corned beef and pastrami. I think I'd like to go the pastrami route, but had some other questions. Some recipes have had some differences.  Some call for just a salt...
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