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  1. jeffed76

    Is Diamond Plate Better Than Standard Sheet Metal?

    I've been doing my research on competition pits and the company I think I'm gong to purchase from just changed over to diamond plate metal.  Is there any benefit to this or is it just a fad? Diamond Plate Standard Metal
  2. jeffed76

    My UDS - Smoker of the Aporkalypse

    Here is my UGLY drum smoker. It is a one and one third 55 gallon drums. The top section has 4 racks. The bottom 1/3 drum is the fire box. The handles are from an old ECB and the shelf on the right is from my first grill :). It is my smoker of the aporkalypse.
  3. jeffed76

    My UDS W/Doors - work in progress

    I can't take credit for building it, I found a guy near by that welds and has access to 55 gallon drums. Here is what it looks like so far. The fire box has a sliding tray for easy reloading.
  4. jeffed76

    Wings on the smoker ;)

    Started wings a few hours ago (was supposed to do yesterday, but ran out of time) and here is the current Q-View.  They are being basted with a combination of Louisiana hot sauce, honey, and squeeze butter.
  5. jeffed76

    55 Gallon UDS with 3 racks... need advice.

    After reading up on UDS's I'm ready get get building, my only issue is cooking space.  My current Brinkmann offset has a cooking area of 1242 square inches.  The only way go get close to this would be to have 3 racks in the UDS.  Of course the issue with that is I won't be able to get to the...
  6. jeffed76

    Memphis BBQ Network - Judges Training Experinece

    I went to a Memphis BBQ Network judges training class this weekend and it was a blast.  I was really impressed with quality of the training.  It started out with a pretest to get a baseline for the classes BBQ knowledge.  This has been going on in education for years, but this is the first...
  7. jeffed76

    The Brick Pit Mobile AL, got the tour!!!

    I'm in Mobile Alabama this week working and had to try out the local Q. I knew The Brick Pit was on Man vs. Food so I had to try it. As I walked in I noticed a gentalman putting wood on the fire so I asked if I could take a look... And he said yes! Here is some serious Q-view Everything...
  8. jeffed76

    Saturday's Porky Experiments

    I wasn't planning on cooking every pig in a 3 mile radius, but it happened.  I tried Johnny Trigg ribs dry with lime, rib scrap skewers, spiral cut dogs with bacon, and a Dr. Pepper loin.  Here's the lowdown: Johnny Trigg ribs dry with lime - Did the basic 3-2-1 method with cherry wood.  The...
  9. jeffed76

    Sunday Porkday: Ribs & Bologna

    Friends coming over, it's ribs and bologna time. Here is the first pic:
  10. jeffed76

    Finally, I Got Tender Ribs

    I have been battling with ribs for a while now and finally got some tender good tasting ribs. I basically did the Myron Mixon method: marinade ginger ale, OJ, and ranch seasoning; sits in foil baking pan for first few hours; add apple juice to pan and cover; take off foil and empty out juice...
  11. jeffed76

    Brisket Cut Question

    I found a great price for brisket at my local Wally-world, but it was called something strange like "packer's cut." Anybody know what that means? It was less than $3 a pound. Did I miss out?
  12. jeffed76

    Dry Rib Rub - tasted more like the restaurant than the official rub bought at the store

    I'm a Memphis guy and like Corky's dry ribs.  I've used their store bought rub and was not impressed.  I went out and made my own (more like tweaked a recipe I found) and it tasted more like Corky's than the Corky's rub at the store.  Here is what I did:   3 tablespoon paprika 2 teaspoon red...
  13. jeffed76

    My First Eye of Round AND Now My Second LOL w/ Q-view

    I needed some lean beef, so I tried an eye of round.  Turned out really tasty and juicy.  I cooked it at 270-300 degrees for around 2 hours.  Put some mesquite smoke on it.  I think I'll go with apple next time.  Pulled it at an internal temperature of 145 degrees.  Here is the Q-View:  
  14. jeffed76

    Apple Onion Stuffed Pork Loin with Balsamic Honey Glaze

    Turned out pretty tasty, this is what I did: Pork Tenderloin: Brined previous day Stuffing:  3 apples, 2 onions, a few sweet peppers for color, sprayed with olive oil, salt and pepper to taste Glaze: 8 cloves of garlic pressed 1 T chopped fresh rosemary 1 cup balsamic vinegar 6 T honey 4...
  15. jeffed76

    My First Pork Loin

    I brined it for about 20 hrs, covered it in olive oil and some rub, and threw it on the smoker for 3+ hours.  Pulled it at internal temp of 145 and let it sit for 30 minutes. It was great, super juicy.  Here's the Q-view:   Of course I had to make some sliders...
  16. jeffed76

    Mississippi Peace Maker Sliders

    I love sliders, so when I heard about the Mississippi Peace Maker I knew I had to make some.  Mine deviates a little from the original because I didn't have time to make pulled pork.  Here is what I did: Smoked bologna - smoked for 3.5 hours scored but uncut.  Glazed every hour with BBQ sauce...
  17. jeffed76

    Store bought BBQ sauce

    So I was trying to find some good quick BBQ sauce for a large family gathering and have failed miserably! I tested some KC Masterpiece and it was no masterpiece. Anyone got suggestions?
  18. jeffed76

    Smoked my first bologna

    Wanted to try the southern delicacy of smoked bologna. It never sounded appealing to me, I'm happy to report I was wrong. I deluded the BBQ sauce with some apple juice for the mop. It worked really well, I just wish I could have left it in a little longer to get some kind of bark, but the...
  19. jeffed76

    Smoked Bacon Chicken Sticks

    Was hunting around the inter-webs for something interesting to make for the kids and found this recipe on the BBQ Pit Boys site.  It was really easy. Just marinade/rub chicken breasts any way you want, cut into strips, load onto skewer, and wrap in bacon.  Nothing fancy but the kids loved them...
  20. jeffed76

    Any one use the Brinkmann Vertical Trailmaster?

    Thinking about my next smoker and I'm intrigued with the Brinkmann heavy-gauge Vertical Trailmaster?.  I love my ECB but I need more cooking space!  Anyone use this model or one like it?
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