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  1. roksmith

    BrickStreet BBQ - Marietta, OH June 11-12 2010

    Second Year KCBS event. More information here: http://www.brickstreetbbq.com
  2. roksmith

    KCBS Event in Marietta Ohio

    The first ever event in this area June 5-7 2009 Information can be found here: http://colonytheatre.com/schedule/brickstreetbbq Hope to see you out there!!
  3. roksmith

    Maple splits

    With Cherry being a bit harder to come by this year, I'm going to give some maple a shot. Anybody who cooks with splits can give me an idea what I'm in for? I'm used to Cherry, so I usually don't concern myself with oversmoking. Any such concerns with Maple? Thanks Rock
  4. roksmith

    Briskets and Butts a plenty

    All, I am stepping up next weekend and doing several briskets and Butts at the same time for a large event. The current plan calls for 3 packer briskets and 4 picinic/butts. My typical Butt or Brisket plan would allow for 12 hours...but I've never done as many at one time. This event cannot...
  5. roksmith

    Smoking with a gas grill

    I tried a little experiment the other day and I thought I would share my experience and see if anybody else has tried anything similar. I decided to smoke a pork butt the other day but didn't want to take the time to fire up Brutus for a single butt. I decided to use my Brinkman grill. It's a...
  6. roksmith

    ABTs with a kick

    I was planning on makeing a couple dozen ABTs this weekend (my version is simply cream cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in a blanket of sausage), and was wondering if anyone had tried stuffing them with anything creative? I was thinking of stuffing the jalapenos with french onion dip...
  7. roksmith

    The perfect smoke

    Finally after a couple of months of "practice", I can say I have now been witness to "Perfect Smoke". As some of you know, when I first started in this forum, I was in the process of building a wood fired smoker.(see pics from previous posts). A couple of months ago, my work was complete and...
  8. roksmith

    Ohio Smoked Meat Festival

    I was planning on competing in the Ohio Smoked Meat Festival year. Does anybody else plan on attending?? Looks like it's scheduled for 10/20 - 10/21
  9. roksmith

    Hickory vs Cherry vs Oak

    I have always used Hickory in the past, but recently, I completed building my first all wood burning unit. Because it was all I had available, I used Cherry the other day and was extremely suprised. I was concerned with "over-smoking" the meat because I was using all wood instead of charcoal...
  10. roksmith

    Liquid smoke problem

    Having finally completed my new unit, I have discovered a small issue. I wanted to see if this is something in my design causing this, or if it inherent to larger smokers. Ever since my first test burn, in total I have now heated up the smoker 4 times...twice for testing/tuning, once to cure my...
  11. roksmith

    Painting a smoker

    I have sort of a problem. I have decided that I do not want to paint my smoker black. I want to paint it silver or grey. My problem is in find the proper paint type to use. I had originally decided to use 1200 degree manifold paint, but it is only available locally in spray cans. I don't...
  12. roksmith

    To rack or not to rack, that is the question

    Hi all, I was debating on if it would be worth my while to build dedicated rib racks for my portable unit. I was planning on building 4 sets of racks to fit in the upright chamber thinking that if I did that, I could probably triple the amount of ribs I could cook at once. I have, however, heard...
  13. roksmith

    Ohio 'Q'

    Great forum guys!! Looks like a wealth of knowlege here. I'm going to enjoy sharing tidbits and ideas with you all. About myself: I spent 14 years in the AirForce traveling mostly in the SouthEast where I became instantly hooked on great Q. When I began to BBQ myself, I was stationed right on...
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