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  1. mopandukey


    Happy New Year Everyone
  2. mopandukey

    18 pounds of pork shoulder, 12-31 smoke

    Man-O-Man, That sure looks good.
  3. mopandukey

    gas smokey mountian great outdoors smoker

    I lucked out, I just turn the pan a quater turn and it fits. I guess that you could saw aome of the handle off if needed. As far as how well it smokes, I just load it with pre-soaked wood chuncks and it smokes for hours.
  4. mopandukey

    gas run out

    I got my Smokey Mountian smoker ( although not the big one but the small one) online at Walmart.com for $98.00. It works great. The bigger one is $129.00.
  5. mopandukey

    gas smokey mountian great outdoors smoker

    I know this responce may be a little late but here it is anyway. I have the same smoker and I tossed the little cast iron box away and replaced it with a 10" cast iron skillet, works great, and you can put more wood chunks into it. :)
  6. mopandukey

    Hello from Oklahoma

    Thanks for the greetings. Glad I found this site and joined. I am planning to cook up some pulled pork next weekend, and have been reading about it. Will let you know how it turns out. Thanks again. Mopandukey
  7. mopandukey

    Hello from Oklahoma

    I use a propane smoker, and love it
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