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  1. themule69

    Mule's 200 pound chicken plus 25 pounds of sausage smoked

    Hello friends. It has been a while since I have posted but I am still smoking. Today I would like to share a few pictures of my 200 pound chicken leg quarters cut in half. Their was also 25 pounds of sausage that the pictures didn't turn out. Here is the smoker side loaded with chicken...
  2. themule69

    Mule's pulled pork in the MES40 with AMNPS loaded with hickory and apple pellets

    Hello friends. It has been a while since I have been on. It is winding down my busy time of year. I have kept the TBS going while I have been away. Yesterday morning I rubbed 2 butts (yes I'm still rubbing butts). After resting the day I got the MES40 up to 225 degrees and the AMNPS loaded...
  3. themule69

    Mule's Babyback ribs in the MES40 with the AMNPS.

    Today is Babyback ribs membrane removed with a lite dusting of my rub. The MES is running 230 with half a load of apple pellets burning in the AMNPS.THEY Will be naked all the way. At 4.5 hours I do the bend test and decided to go the full 5 hours. At 5 hours they have the perfect bend so they...
  4. themule69

    Mule's question of what to do with points!

    So you work hard and you are nice to everyone as well as post some good ideas. Along the way the nice people on SMF give you a point along the way. I have been saving points for years not knowing what I was saving for. Then one day my friend Bearcarver suggested I should save for a new Corvette...
  5. themule69

    Mule's Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

    I started with some thin boneless skinless chicken breast. I mixed up a salt brine and added some of my rub. I let it brine overnight. I then gave it a healty dose of my rub. I got the Weber kettle going with KB. When it was good and hot I put the chicken on. When I flipped it I gave it some of...
  6. themule69

    What is everyone smoking or grilling for Mothers day?

    Post your thoughts on what you will be smoking for Mothers day. Maybe it will give others a good idea. Happy smoken. David
  7. themule69

    It is that time again.

    Happy smoken. David
  8. themule69


    I got a great buy on a few hams a while back. They were .59 per pound so I bought all 3. This one is 11.98 pounds. I got the MES40 going at 230 degrees. The ham I started with. Trimmed the fat and the rind. Poked holes in a pie pan for the fat. The fat in the pan which will be placed on...
  9. themule69

    Mule's easy to peel fresh boiled eggs

    This is the easy way to get perfect boiled eggs every time that are easy to peel. A lot of people don't like fresh eggs because they say they are hard to peel when boiled. So this is not the way your mother thought you to do it. Start off by getting you pan of water to a rolling boil. While you...
  10. themule69

    Mule's cold smoked cheese in MES 40 with AMNPS

    I figured the cold smoke season was winding down so I needed to get my stock up to last the winter. It is a mix of different cheeses. I am using the MES 40 with the AMNPS loaded with one short row of hickory pellets. I microwave the pellets to get them good and dry and fire it up. I let it go...
  11. themule69

    Mule's dry cured Canada Bacon.

    I got a whole pork loin at Sam's for 1.69LB so it is time to make Canada Bacon. I cut the fat off of the loin then cut it in 3 pieces. I weighed each piece and used 1/2 ounce Tender Quick and 1/2 ounce dark brown sugar per LB. I rubbed each piece then vacuum sealed each piece. The thickist...
  12. themule69

    Mule's cured cold smoked pork chops using Tender Quick

    Today I was at Sam's and they had prime pork loin for 1.69LB. So I grabbed a 7.5LBer. I sliced it just over an inch thick. I then weighed each piece as well as weighed the Tender Quick for each piece. I put half of the TQ on rubbed it in and flipped and repeated. Then I vacuumed sealed it and...
  13. themule69

    Mule's Chicken Pizza Fatty or something! It is in the MES40 with AMNPS

    Here we go with something that I don't know what to call it. So I am going to invent the chicken pizza fatty. I will be using the MES40 with a AMNPS and hickory pellets. I started off laying down a bacon weave. I am using thick sliced cherry smoked bacon. I then lay down the boneless...
  14. themule69

    Mule's tri-tip reverse seared

    A while back I got a case of tri-tips for 3.00LB . So today I did a reverse sear. I started with a coating of SPOG and got the MES40 going with 1 row of oak pellets in the AMNPS. MES temp is 225 degrees so in goes the tri-tip for 1.5 hours. I removed it IT of 124. Then onto the gas grill at...
  15. themule69

    Mule's Twice Baked Potatos

    Today it is twice baked potatos. I start with 4 large potatoes washed real well. I then rub with EVOO then kosher salt. I then I bake them at 350 till done. Remove from oven and let cool a few minutes. I then slice the top off and scrape out to form a canoe. Leave a little on the skin. I then...
  16. themule69

    Mule's ABT's in the Weber kettle

    I have always said everyone should have a kettle. I am doing a couple of simple ABT's for a birthday part. I started by cutting the peppers in half and removed the seeds. Then I filled with softened cream cheese and a sprinkle of my rub. I then topped with a 3rd of a slice of my smoked bacon. I...
  17. themule69

    Mule's triple smoked ham

    I started out with 2 fully cooked and smoked hams. I put them in the MES40 with the AMNPS filled with Pitmaster blend dust. No heat from the MES40. I let that go overnight then wrapped it and let it rest in the fridge for 2 days. Then into the MES40 with 1 row of Pitmaster dust. I took them...
  18. themule69

    Mule's Casing-less Spicy Beef Snack Sticks in the MES 40 with AMNPS

    I got what I thought was a deal on 80/20 ground beef at $ 2.25 LB so snack sticks it is. The last few batches it has been casing-less thanks to my friend BearCarver. It takes a little longer to get the sticks shaped but I like them better. They may look a little like "dog logs" but hey i'm a...
  19. themule69

    Mule wants to know what to do with ground chuck?

    As the title says what do I do with ground chuck? I found a deal on 80/20 ground chuck. What do I do with it? I am thinking snack sticks. Then lasagna. What else? Happy smoken. David
  20. themule69

    counter test

    Test is the counter working?
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