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  1. roksmith

    BBQ Comps in Michigan?

    Go look at www.kcbs.us and click on the events tab. There are several KCBS events in Mich.
  2. roksmith

    How long can you freeze a butt

    If it's been held at 0 F, it's safe indefinately. Safe and good quality are totally different though.
  3. roksmith

    Safe Smoking

    Not according to foodsafety.gov Now.. having said that, we all know that there is always some slop time built in to those numbers. The USDA says 3-4 days for leftover cooked meat in the fridge. That number will slide a little based on how well the food was handled prior to putting it in the...
  4. roksmith

    Safe Smoking

    It's important to understand the bigger picture rather than relying on a set of numbers. The food danger zone is indeed 40-140 degrees, but the real danger with BBQ is in letting the meat sit at that temperature after cooking and before you stick the leftovers in the fridge. If the meat is...
  5. roksmith

    How are some of you getting such a good smoke ring ?

    If all you are concerned about it the color, use tenderquick :)
  6. roksmith

    Brisket fat up or down?

    Fat cap down. Trim the excess fat, especially the hard fat between the point and flat. Cook the brisket with the fat you trimmed off above your brisket. That protects the bottom and keeps the top moist. Foil at about 165. When you foil, flip the brisket to fat cap up. Once you hit 195-200 and...
  7. roksmith

    Adding PID controller

    Haven't got mine installed yet, but the reason I went with one was that they are supposed to be a little more "intelligent" than a normal temp switch. At least in my case, I am using the PID to control a draft fan to control heat. A typical temp switch will kick on the fan until the cooker comes...
  8. roksmith

    Hey Trailer Smokers

    In Ohio, if it's a smoker sitting on a trailer, it's needs to have a plate, if it's a mobile smoker, it does not. If the unit itself happens to have wheels, it's considered to be a farm implement.
  9. roksmith

    Commercial Fridge Conversion to Gas Smoker

    Here's a link to a place I was planning on buying high temp insulation from. http://www.atsacoustics.com/item--Ro...f-6--1006.html
  10. roksmith

    Adding PID controller

    ...so how did it work? I just got my new PID controller in the mail yesterday and plan on using it to control my draft induction fan on a new vertical smoker I'm building. Shouldn't be so many components since I'm just running a 1A fan and should be able to power it right thru the relay output...
  11. roksmith

    BrickStreet BBQ - Marietta, OH June 11-12 2010

    Second Year KCBS event. More information here: http://www.brickstreetbbq.com
  12. roksmith

    smoker protection/grates

    I would think (without doing calcuations) that a 20lb tank might be a bit on the small side. Without know what you intend to use for fuel, it's hard to tell. But 1/3 the size of the cooking chamber seems to be the norm. If you are planning on using splits, you will probably want to go bigger on...
  13. roksmith

    Smoker Build question

    To make the above diagram a reverse flow.. basically turn the tuning plates into one solid plate running all the way from the firebox to a few inches from the other end and then move the stack to the other end of the cook box. You are basically forcing the smoke down the length of the cook...
  14. roksmith

    Heads up on "Boston Butts."

    You'll really like their meat selection. The walk in refrigerator (at least in our store) is the size of a small grocery store. Every cut of meat you can imagine.
  15. roksmith

    Pork Butt - Defrosting and Injecting

    Google "Chris Lilly shoulder injection" for an easy butt injection. The dude knows his pork!!
  16. roksmith

    Heads up on "Boston Butts."

    Yup, There's a Restaurant Depot in Philly. Join the KCBS online. Once you get your card, take it to RD and they will give you one of their cards. $.88/lb butts and I grabbed a brisket the other day for $1.75/lb
  17. roksmith

    Wagyu Brisket

    I'd be willing to bet that $3.95 per pound is a huge typo. My experience is more in the $15 per pound range for Wagyu or Kobe.. whatever you want to call it. $150 for a 10 pound packer is about what they seem to run. For my money, unless you are competing for big bucks, best to try and find a...
  18. roksmith

    Smoker Build question

    1/8th in steel is OK, 1/4 would be better and less likely to warp from the heat. The orientation of the hole between the firebox and cooking chamber doesn't matter, but you do want the opening in the firebox to be as high in the firebox as you can. Once the fire is up an cooking, it won't matter...
  19. roksmith

    Modification help/Thoughts

    You don't even really need to weld in the reverse flow plate if it fits well. I used 1/4 inch plate and cut it into 3 pieces so that I could adjust where the gaps were and how big they were. They have to be readjusted after a trip down the road, but it takes 2 seconds. Yes, the length of the...
  20. roksmith

    Smoker Build question

    Yea, even if you don't go reverse flow, you still need at least a deflector plate to get the fire/heat going down and not directly up under the racks otherwise the rack surface nearest the firebox will be completely useless.
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