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  1. MCQSmoker

    Smoking books …

    Thanks, much appreciated. I should use the search function more on the forum. I’ll be sure to avoid smoke and spice, sounds like a frustrating read.
  2. MCQSmoker

    My first offset smoker experience with SRF wagyu brisket.

    Looks great to me, good work!
  3. MCQSmoker

    Smoking books …

    Thanks a lot all, that’s really helpful. I’m going to give all the recommended books a google and use smoking meat recipes too much appreciated!
  4. MCQSmoker

    Smoking books …

    bbq with smoke
  5. MCQSmoker

    Why are my chicken legs bloody?

    i had this problem with chicken legs. I always put an extra one on now that I’m happy to cut into/butcher up to check it’s been cooked through
  6. MCQSmoker

    Smoking books …

    Got a few Christmas Amazon vouchers to use any good recommendations on books ? eyeing up Rodney Scott’s world of bbq, pitmaster by Alan husband, Franklin bbq keen to hear thoughts if anyone has any of these or any books I’ve not kentjoned thanks !
  7. MCQSmoker

    New to smoking

    I would recommend watching smoking dad bbq on YouTube - he uses a Kamado joe but the same principles should apply
  8. MCQSmoker

    Kamado Joe Jr - smoked chicken legs and thighs

    Hi all not the most daring of cooks, but enough for a dinner and lunch the next day nonetheless Hope everyone is having a good break
  9. MCQSmoker

    Beef Short Ribs

    Looking great, congrats
  10. MCQSmoker

    Kamado Joe Jr - Smoked gammon joint

    Merry Christmas Jim. Thanks on the comment, appreciate it !
  11. MCQSmoker

    Kamado Joe Jr - Smoked gammon joint

    Thanks David 😄
  12. MCQSmoker

    Hot Fast Ribs and Mac and Cheese

    Looks incredible!
  13. MCQSmoker

    Kamado Joe Jr - Smoked gammon joint

    Thanks 😃
  14. MCQSmoker

    Kamado Joe Jr - Smoked gammon joint

    Thanks! Aha yeah, from the UK, didn’t mean to confuse people here!
  15. MCQSmoker

    Kamado Joe Jr - Smoked gammon joint

    Happy Christmas Eve everyone. First time I’ve tried smoking a gammon joint, pleased with the result. Took it off around 145
  16. MCQSmoker

    Pork Shoulder

    enjoy. Best advice I have is not to rush it and don’t be tempted to take it off before it hits temp. My last go was about 6 hours before I took it off around 200/205. After the rub was on and the smoker temp was where I wanted it, I didn’t touch it once untiI the end when I checked whether it’d...
  17. MCQSmoker

    First Time On Kamado Joe Jr.

    Looks great and nice setup! Glad you got it up and running , you’ll have good fun with it
  18. MCQSmoker

    New smoker - KJJ

    Enjoy - hope to see some pics and hear the review !
  19. MCQSmoker

    New smoker - KJJ

    Awesome congrats 😃 i just went straight for a cook - did some wings to start so nothing too wild. I read forums and a lot of people said a burn in wasn’t necessary, while some people were all for it. Whatever you feel comfortable with
  20. MCQSmoker

    Kamado Joe Jr - Pulled pork

    thanks Riley! It’s so easy compared to my last basic smoker. Once I got the temp Right, I put it in, left it for 5/6 hours and picked it up once it was done, didn’t have to touch it once during the cook. Shut the vents and got the charcoal for my next cook! You’re going to have some fun with...
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