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  1. hoity toit

    Happy New Year to all my SMF friends

    I have been a member here quite some time and have learned a lot from all of you folks. Just a shout out to those that know me and those that don't.....Happy New Year and Best Wishes for healthy and prosperous 2022. I love all of ya ! Tomorrow is smoked chicken and Kabanosy day here.. Take...
  2. hoity toit

    Small run of Brats today

    Did a small batch of Brats today to celebrate 60 yrs of Wurstfest in new Braunfels. Used my water stuffer instead of the big 30lb one. Will be steaming, grilling and then freezing them for later parties. I am using non-alcoholic beer for the steam in a roaster with the brats on a rack mid level.
  3. hoity toit

    Petrohan - Bulgarian Dry Cured Sausage "FAIL"

    Ok guys, I pretty much failed at my attempt to make Bulgarian Dry Cured Sausage known as Petrohan. The recipe is pretty simple basic except for one spice i had never heard of. It called for using Summer Savory spice. This is what I found when researching the spice: ( Summer savory resembles both...
  4. hoity toit

    Aloha El Diablo Summer Sausage 2020

    It has been a couple years since I made this specialty but I got a nice deer this past week and thought I would make it again. What we are doing is 20 pounds of venison & pork 60%ven 40%pork. To this grind several times reducing the plate size on the grinder until I get to 1/8" plate. By then...
  5. hoity toit

    Italian Sweet-n-Hot fresh Sausage on the new Stuffer

    Well folks, been a while since I posted anything but I got to try out the new 30lb electric stuffer this morning. I used a SausageMaker.com seasoning mix. I cut up 2 pork butts into chunks and seasoned them with the packet and back in the frig overnight, then I ran thru the grinder on 1/4"...
  6. hoity toit

    New Stuffer finally

    Bit the bullet and finally got a 3o lb electric stuffer. I can't wait to try it out hopefully next week. Here are a couple of pictures of yours truly in the realm at the shop. HT
  7. hoity toit

    Christmas gifts in the smoker

    Bacon n cheese. w/hickory
  8. hoity toit

    Cheek Meat Question

    I need some pointers on how to prepare beef cheek meat for Barbacoa. Im thinking low n slow and cook like a brisket. Any help is appreciated.. HT
  9. hoity toit

    Pickled pig feet : QUESTION ?

    I am curing a few pigs feet right now and was planning on doing a hot smoke and then pickle them with some red wine vinegar. Has anyone out there done this? Any information appreciated. I am assuming it is similar to canning vegetables which I do every year, jest never done with meat especially...
  10. hoity toit

    Stay the Course.

    It is getting a little bit crazy out there, if you need anytything and are near me, don't hesitate to PM me. HT
  11. hoity toit

    Stack location and size

    I am doing a new electric smoker build. Size is 6'tall x 30 wide x 27 deep. Two doors, top and bottom, I will have a 3" intake on the right side bottom from a mailbox mod. My question : Size and location to put the stack. I am thinking 2-1/2" centered on back wall about 6" down...
  12. hoity toit

    % loss on Dried Sausage

    What per cent weight loss do most of you look for when making your dried sausage ? 30-40% ??? or more? HT
  13. hoity toit

    Antelope Summer Sausage via DISCO

    OFM Disco got me on this. I am making some antelope summer sausage using some of Disco's simple basic recipe however this one will be Apple Bleu Cheese Summer Sausage. Full pictures and step by steps to be posted as it happens, Stay Tuned. Hope to have this 100% finished Sunday or Monday. Thank...
  14. hoity toit

    In the spirit of Wurstfest 2019

    In the Spirit of Wurstfest , the annual 10 day salute to sausage festival in my hometown of New Braunfels, Tx. , I made a few rounds of Bratwurst this morning. All this before 10:30am. Tamales are next because Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and store bought tamales just don't cut it for...
  15. hoity toit

    Blackbuck Antelope TAMALES !

    Seeing how the seasons are changing and it is getting colder I thought it time to make some tamales to be shared with friends over the holiday season. In Texas and other parts of the country, tamales go hand in hand with good chili and a cold beer and good friends. One of my like minded friends...
  16. hoity toit

    Belly Bacon again

    Scored 3 really large pork bellies at restaurant Depot last weekend. Got them rubbed down with tender-quick for at least the next 14-20 day...more and pictures to follow.
  17. hoity toit

    Salty sausage question

    I have been making sausage fro over 36 years and this past week I had a 10 lb batch that come out tasting really salty. What gives. here is the recipe I used. Dave Omack I know you know the mathematics on this so help me figure this out. It was a wild hog also if that matters. plenty fatty too...
  18. hoity toit

    What can I make out of a Antelope??

    Got a fresh antelope from New Mexico today.What can I make??
  19. hoity toit

    Looking for a good Little Smokie recipe

    I have some sheep casing 18-22mm and ask if anyone wants to share their recipe for making little smokies, you know the small short links like you would put in pigs-n-a-blanket. Looking for a 10-15 lb recipe that would be fully smoked/cooked. Wanting to try something new other than the recipes I...
  20. hoity toit

    PID for MES 40 - what is one that will work and not real expensive

    Got to put a PIS controller on my old MES. Need a referral for something that will go to 350 or more and be able to handle 1200 watts / 10-15 amps at 120 volt. Will also need it to come with the sensor. Any body out there point me in the right direction. I am an electrician so not worried about...
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