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  1. hoity toit

    Ruben melt eggrolls.

    Good Gawd Steve,,.thats about as good as it can get. I especially like the idea you can freeze for later that way you can make a whole bunch at a time. Keep 'em coming. HT
  2. hoity toit

    Special Dinner, Special Friends: Smoked Beef Tenderloin (Lotsa Pics)

    Amazing Job on the color to color edge to edge...wow.. you certainly nailed it to the cross. Makes me hungry just looking at it. HT
  3. hoity toit


    dammitt Al..., that was super duper...++++++Lord have mercy ! HT
  4. hoity toit

    Hog trough's

    Where did you get the idea to use the hot dog bun,,,, I think that is a great use of the bun ! Yes sir...POINTS. HT
  5. hoity toit

    Biltong, Three Kinds!!

    The paper clip hangers are a nice idea. I'll be watching this thread. HT
  6. hoity toit

    Food for thought

    Ahh, Richard Pryor was the best....I must be same generation as you. HT
  7. hoity toit

    Steak rollups with butter and blue cheese

    wOW., thats a great idea with the bleu cheese. I'll have to put that on my to do list. Excellent! HT
  8. hoity toit

    I won’t be doing that again (Scary)

    Glad you are ok.,next time take the O2 with ya.We don't want anything bad to happen to you. HT
  9. hoity toit

    Kielbasa, Kabonosy, Vension Snack Sticks and Fresh Sausage (long post with recipes and pictures)

    You nailed the Kabanosy ! The red color is outstanding. Kabanosy is my favorite to make as I have made it for 30 years and I can spot a good one and yours have that look. The recipe you used is pretty identical to the one I use from Mariansky's book. Congratualtions, well done ! HT
  10. hoity toit

    Seafood boil advice

    Yep, that's the way to do it.
  11. hoity toit

    Taylor Ham

    Great job ! In those pictures you can't even tell the difference. Will have to try this one soon. Thanks for the recipe also. HT
  12. hoity toit

    Smoked Top Choice shoulder clod..

    I would slice it.
  13. hoity toit

    Unfortunately Folks .... It's Official!

    The Best Times are the WURST Times.....
  14. hoity toit

    Visiting A Good Friend

    Wal Mart sells it...https://www.walmart.com/ip/Starnes-Bbq-Sauce/156533374Starnes bbq sauce
  15. hoity toit

    Guess who isn’t smoking for Super Bowl

    let er go at 158 for about 3-4 hrs
  16. hoity toit

    Guess who isn’t smoking for Super Bowl

    Yep sunny and warm here also...., thats why I like it here near San Antonio TX
  17. hoity toit

    Cure time in fridge

    He is fine. Normally pastrami cures completly in about 25 days or so depending on the thickeness. He needs to turn the meat over everyday or so also to help distribute the cure evenly.
  18. hoity toit

    Cook sequence

    Start at 130* no smoke for the first hour, then raise 10 degrees every hour up to 165.,mind you not all sausage cooks the same like summer sausage that hits a stall and set there for several hour before resuming the cook sometimes rather fast. Use a themometer in the meat. I prefer to pull mine...
  19. hoity toit

    Cure time in fridge

    I just cured 2 venison hindquarters ( the big muscles only) for 30 days to make dried venison. They are in the smoker right now. You want the cure to penetrate all the way to the middle of the muscle
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