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  1. bluewhisper

    High on the Hog

    In the international news, a drug-smuggling ring was busted in Italy when feral pigs dug up $22K worth of buried cocaine. https://www.newsweek.com/italy-drug-bust-wild-boar-hidden-cocaine-destroyed-smuggling-operation-1471472 I want a gun and some knives and a meat grinder and my best disco...
  2. bluewhisper

    Thai peppers

    The term "mirasol" refers to any variety of peppers whose pods grow erect. Those are usually thin-walled and they dry well. They also pickle well. The heat level varies from one type to another but generally it's a quick and bright heat.
  3. bluewhisper

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the board! Yes you can study a lot of things here but "learning by doing" is the way it goes with smoking. It's a mix of recognizing mistakes and discovering flavors. Use the Search here to look up your smokers and see what people do with them.
  4. bluewhisper

    Little pocket scale for accuracy

    I got a similar scale to weigh out ground meat for making patties of uniform size. European recipes usually measure by weight instead of by volume.
  5. bluewhisper

    Habenero Hot sauce

    Once I visited a guy in the hot pepper biz, he had several large home-made habanero drying ovens (kilns?) in his basement and the whole house smelled like habs. It was wonderful.
  6. bluewhisper

    Hello from Everett Washington

    Welcome to the board! Yes this is a place to share knowledge and information. That's good because you can see how other people use your type of smoker, and you can see how other people use other smokers. Use the Search here and look around.
  7. bluewhisper

    Hello from Maryland Eastern Shore

    Welcome to the board! Oh to shop for seafood in Ocean City again ... we cooked chowder on the beach at Assateague.
  8. bluewhisper

    fermented hot peppers

    If you're fermenting peppers, you might want to check out this discussion board (if you're not already there) http://thehotpepper.com/forum/91-hot-sauce-making/
  9. bluewhisper

    Checking your thermometers!

    I've seen that at room temperature. Three digital thermometers next to each other, giving three different readings. Recently my main thermometer failed, so I got the spare out of the basement where it's always 73 degrees. I brought it upstairs where it was also 73 degrees. I heated a mug of...
  10. bluewhisper

    Hello to all

    Welcome to the board, look around, there's a lot to see. What's your smoker? Use the Search here to look it up.
  11. bluewhisper

    Smoking salmon

  12. bluewhisper

    New member, let's cook!

    Welcome to the board! You'll have fun swapping messages here. I'm running an offset and a Weber 22.
  13. bluewhisper

    A bushell of roasted peppers

    I'm digging a hole under your fence.
  14. bluewhisper

    Hello everyone, Newbie and glad to be here.

    Welcome to the board! You're lucky to have found a neighbor like that. Sharing knowledge among smokers is the purpose of this board. I found SMF by way of a fishing board. This place can seem big and overwhelming at first but people will welcome you and answer questions.
  15. bluewhisper

    new to smoking

    You might want to surf around the Weber Kettle Club, they have some WSM people.
  16. bluewhisper

    new to smoking

    Welcome to the board! What smoker to get also depends on what you want to produce - big group-event projects or something for just a few people? Offsets want attention like steam locomotives but if you hit upon the right combination of factors, you can produce some very nice Q. Consider...
  17. bluewhisper

    DaWeber 22 split grate hot indirect with CHX THG

    DaWeber is a rescue 1990 enjoying a second life with me. I've made seversl modifications to it, including cutting the OEM grate in half. One reason for this is shown here. First, the grate can easily be cut by three snips with bolt cutters. A hacksaw would work. Then, you should enlarge the...
  18. bluewhisper

    New guy from OH, rank amateur but enjoying it.

    Welcome, from the west side of Columbus! Ask about anything and someone will have an answer. Keep an eye out for a good deal on a Weber kettle, they can grill or smoke.
  19. bluewhisper


    NOAA Southeast radar https://radar.weather.gov/Conus/southeast.php
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