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  1. J

    Never mind keeping it

    Ok....I wanna go stick burner. I cant justify a new one without selling one. I bought this 640 in April of 2019 brand new from Yoder. It includes the grill grates and spatula for it. In addition, I have the ceramic igniter upgrade new in the box waiting for the original one to go bad and a...
  2. J

    Lang Hybrid 36

    So....I currently have a Yoder YS640 I bought and works great, no complaints. In the spirit of America and wanting what we don’t have, grass being greener, etc....I am thinking about an offset wood smoker for the days when I am here and have time to tend and want a more distinct smoke flavor...
  3. J

    Bacon wrapped, pepper jack stuffed chicken breasts

    easy one for anyone struggling for weekend ideas. Had several trimmed breasts for company. Brined then with gallon water, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup salt for a few hours. Slit open, stuffed in some Tillamook pepper jack, seasoned with Myron Mixon Honey Money Cluck rub or something like that and...
  4. J

    Hotter brisket...300....butcher paper...first time

    so picked up some Myron mixon hickory pellets as Lumberjack hard to find around me. Anyways, best smelling pellets I have used but didn’t notice much smoke flavor. Small packet about 10 pounds, trimmed off quite a bit of the point as I don’t like the super fatty stuff. Rubbed with Mixon...
  5. J

    Halibut...Yoder 640

    I will freely admit I hadn’t eaten halibut much if at all before moving to the west coast last year, and it has quickly surpassed salmon as the family favorite for fish. It is like white steak...I love it. I didn’t want to grill direct, and not a full smoke so I fired up the 640 in indirect...
  6. J

    Tri Tip

    I’m new to the west coast and this particular cut. Got two prime ones for tomorrow as some company coming over. I plan to use cattleman’s grill California Tri Tip seasoning, putting it on about an hour before the smoker. Plan to put it at 225 until about 140ish or medium rare temp...
  7. J

    Does pellet type/flavor really matter?

    as many here have mentioned the smoke profile from the pellet grill is less than charcoal or wood and I am ok with that. My question is, given those limitations does it even matter what type you use or if any flavor provides the most smoke flavoring? I typically prefer hickory, but haven’t...
  8. J

    YS640 comp vs Rec Tec Bull comp

    Greetings all, I have lurked and read for years, but going to move on from wsm and join the pellet grill/smoker ranks. I am fortunate to have a decent budget, and appreciate buying something to keep for a long time. Im looking at these two which will come out surprisingly close on cost. Most...
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