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  1. photofinishron

    Brisket, Smoked corn beef, Pastrami??

    So yesterday I smoked a chunk of corn beef.   I'm learning something everyday about something.  Yesterday and today it was about Corn Beef/Brisket/Pastrami. I grabbed a couple of corn beef packs from the local store after st patty's day for the cheap meat.  Did one the crock pot way and saved...
  2. photofinishron

    First Turkey Breast

    First turkey breast.   Turned out good,  Tender and moist.
  3. photofinishron

    First Smoked Salmon

    So I did my first salmon fillets tonight.  Turned out great.  Hey the Wife said so anyway and that's what counts the most.  Looked good too but I can't attach photos to the forum. Ron
  4. photofinishron

    The Juices left over from bbq'ing beef and pork - What do you make with it?

    Just wondering what recipes there are out there for using the left over juice from the bbq'ed pork butts and beef roasts?  Ron
  5. photofinishron

    Please explain or is there a fatty tutorial?

    So I think I've got a pretty good idea about what a fatty is but could someone please give a detailed explanation of what a fatty is? And, Is there a fatty tutorial or is the forum pretty  much that through a simple collection of ideas? Thanks Ron
  6. photofinishron

    Spice list for meats

    Not sure where I found this but I thought it was worthy os sharing here; Beef: Tarragon Rosemary Dill Weed Thyme Bay Leaf Basil Oregano Marjoram Garlic Poultry: Tarragon Parsley Sage Thyme Rosemary Caraway Oregano Basil Paprika Bay Leaf Pork: Rosemary Cumin Seed Caraway Parsley Mustard Fennel...
  7. photofinishron

    Rub Recipe for Salmon

    I'm going to try a Salmon on the Smoker but I need a good rub to try out as well.  Have to be a from scratch rub too.  It just means more when it's all from scratch. Thanks  Ron
  8. photofinishron

    The Learning Curve

    Ok, So I've been trying to smoke meat for a couple of years now and have done some fair;y decent jobs but never gotten what I wanted.  Thanks to this site and the info here I finally got it right.  Last Pork Butt I smoked turned out just perfect!. The learning curve on my own was rather steep...
  9. photofinishron

    Question about Wood

    Don't know if this is the spot to post this question or not but here goes. I did the course.  good course.  Learned a bunch.  Have questions left though? One by one... This one is With wood.  Does it have to be bark free?  I've heard differing views.  I've used wood with bark and haven't...
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