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  1. forest walker

    Can anything be done about to much smoke

    Amnps got to much air and I think my brisket got to much smoke. Can anything be done. I can scrape off the fat cap when it comes out if it will make a difference. Has kind of a tangy/bitter taste to the bark. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. forest walker

    Peach sauce

    Anyone have a recipe for a BBQ sauce with peaches or nectarines? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. forest walker

    Brisket is to big, Help!

    The brisket I'm going to start tonight is to big and won't fit in my Mes 30. Should I separate the point from the flat and cut the flat in half, or just cut the whole thing in half, or just cut off enough to fit it in (which is almost in half) and will this shorten the cooking time. Please help...
  4. forest walker

    Need brisket advice

    I bought a 14.5 lb packer for a smoking/grilling throw down at my church. I figure it will be about 13 lb after trimming. I think I'm going to try to do a butcher paper wrap. Has anyone tried it in a Mes? I'm figuring on about 18 hrs to cook will it hurt to sit in the cooler for 3+ hrs if it's...
  5. forest walker

    Butcher paper wrapping a brisket?

    Being that I have only braved one brisket, and am still learning, what is the purpose of butcher paper wrapping a brisket? When do you do it? Does it take the place of foil? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. forest walker

    Brisket questions

    I've read about it and done my own but how do you prefer it fat cap up or down? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. forest walker

    Traeger pellets

    Are they any good? Someone just left 20lbs of apple pellets on my porch. Somebody wants food! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. forest walker

    First smoke with amnps

    My own fault, but it didn't go so well, Burnt great for the first hr, then went out. I didn't catch it cause TBS was still being produced from the grease. I got called away and got back 2 hrs later and did not smell wood smoke. Grease got on one row of pellets and they were no good, tried to...
  9. forest walker

    14 Pound Packer

    Was eying up a 14lb packer yesterday at Walmart. I'm thinking I'm going to get it this morning. I don't really need it but it's there, calling to me. Will it fit on my Mes 30? Can I cut it in half if it doesn't? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. forest walker


    Do any of you use an amnps? If so where do you buy your pellets?
  11. forest walker

    Amnps +. Mes 30 questions

    I just pulled the trigger and ordered an amnps 5x8. Being new to the electric smoker gig I have a few questions. 1. Where do I put it? Bottom, shelf... Pics of one in use would help 2. Mailbox mod I've seen it and was wondering is it necessary and why. Pro and Cons? 3. Best place to buy pellets...
  12. forest walker

    Making wood chips

    I've always harvested my own wood for smoking since I have a number of overgrown apple and pear trees out back. Problem is my smokin pro finally rotted out and I switched to an Mes 30. Has anyone ever used a wood chipper to make their own wood chips? I could easily have a couple years worth of...
  13. forest walker

    MES questions

    Did my second smoke on my Mes 30. I cooked some Brats, burgers, and my 15 yr old son wanted a 5 cheese and siracha fatty. The big difference I've found is the smoke flavor on the Mes is a lot more intense than on my old chargriller smokin pro. I'm using the same wood hickory and apple. Is this...
  14. forest walker

    First smoke on my new Mes 30 findings

    For my first smoke I did burnt ends from som country style ribs. First thing I noticed is the temp stayed more constant than my old smoking pro. I didn't like filling the chip tray every 30 min or so so I did some tinkering, I read about putting in some charcoal chunks so I busted up some...
  15. forest walker

    New Mes 30

    My old chargrilled w/sfb finally died. I just bought a digital Mes 30, and am seasoning it right now. I've always done my smoking over charcoal and used wood that I harvested myself. Since I have an abundance of apple already cut, can I chop it into chips to use in this smoker? Is there any mods...
  16. forest walker

    First Brisket

    Smoked my first brisket yesterday, 6 pd flat. It came out awesome. Wrapped at 160, got ti to 200 and it falls apart. Wife and sons first question was "why haven't you done one sooner. Sad part is it was the last smoke for my old smokin pro,, it has too many holes to patch any more. I'm thinking...
  17. forest walker

    Not new but haven't been around for a while

    I haven't been around for a while, used to lurk a lot but haven't had time to get on recently. I need some advice, my chargrilled w/sfb finally gave up the ghost. So I need a new smoker, I thought about one that uses biscuits because of ease of use but am looking for some advice on what to get...
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