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    Good evening Lisa. Unless I'm looking in the wrong place, do you have a Oct. code up yet? Need to order another dozen of rolls. Thanks in advance. Wes
  2. wes w

    Curing with Pop's Brine

    I've never injected cure or anything. Can you get to much brine in it? I just don't want to ruin these bellies. Thanks Bear
  3. wes w

    Curing with Pop's Brine

    A new format, it has been a while since I've been here. I have used the cure many times with store bought bellies, but last weekend we bought a hog that was 480lbs on the hoof. I ain't lying, this bad girl had a 3- 3 1/2 in belly. My question sir, do I need to let that thick a belly cure...
  4. wes w

    Vacuum Sealer Bags & Supplies - Discount Coupon

    Thanks for your awesome service to SMF Just ordered another case of rolls. We love our VacMaster Pro 350.  We've  done several runs of 100lbs plus of pork as fundraisers.   Works flawlessly.  Thank you  for a great product and exceptional customer service.
  5. wes w

    Building a brick smoker, design phase, need help

    rs, welcome. Dude, this is a awesome build.  Love it.    First thing that comes to mind looking at your plan is.  Steel and heat don't mix.   Just wondering if over a 12 hr smoke if the rebar will expand due to heat and crack the concrete.    Your design is simular to mind only deeper and I...
  6. wes w

    First build concrete smoker

    Good evening! I highly recommend lining it with firebrick.  They don't absorb moisture like block do.  Just an idea.  The more moisture there is in the smoker, the longer it take to come up to temp. Damper in the flue.   I did a steel one on mine.   I don't recommend it.   Steal and brick...
  7. wes w

    Small Smoker & Pizza Oven

    Good evening Mighty Your plans are a good start.    I have  something similar only separate.   For the smoker,  I tried to do a how to on the forum.  It has a lot of basic ideas as to working with brick and layout.   If interested here is the link.  Its a long thread, but I did add things I...
  8. wes w

    PP nachos.

    Looks awesome!    Love new ideas.  Will be trying this one for sure!   Thanks for sharing
  9. Wood fired bacon...

    Wood fired bacon...

  10. wes w

    Wood fired bacon...

    Most folks have cold smoked bacon, so, I'll add another. Cured with Pop's cure,  smoked for 8 hrs.   Rest for one week in the frig.  Slice and pack.    Final product was 22lbs of the most awesome hickory smoked bacon you can imagine.   We do this yearly a week before Christmas.  Its our bacon...
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