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  1. john in ny

    expected temperature fluctuation on a WSM?

    I'm running my first rack of ribs myself on a new WSM 22.5 it began spiking up to 300. After running fine for an hour. All vents closed. I even removed some fuel. Finally I've taken the lid on and off to try to maintain a temp and not lose the meat, but would love some ideas on how to...
  2. john in ny

    Bit the bullet.

    That's great, guys. Thank you. I should see if I can swing a kegerator just to be safe! Thank you JJ for the recipe. I had found you post this for someone else earlier, but this will make recalling it much easier. I appreciate you putting it up again. Well Amazon says it should actually be...
  3. john in ny

    Bit the bullet.

    Literally. Bought the WSM 22. Supposed to arrive on Sat. I think the first burn will be just charcoal just to make sure I can maintain a temp. as easy as I've been reading it is. Not to season the WSM. To seasone me. Very excited, although I am still afraid I bit off more than I can chew...
  4. john in ny


    I'm John and I'm from NY. I know my handle states as much. I have not as of yet even bought a smoker. I am an avid griller and love to cook in general. I'll usually shovel out the grill before the driveway when it snows. Got the idea of smoking from my grilling my slow cooked chicken...
  5. john in ny

    Stupid Wannabe Question

    Thank you all for the great feedback. I will take the advice on the mats as well as caution while using the chimney. Love the pics too. Wanted to make sure I could keep it convenient and it sounds like that will be no problem. Thanks again.
  6. john in ny

    Stupid Wannabe Question

    My apologies if this has been richly discussed before, but I couldn't find the topic in a search. And really asking it is a bit of a true rook' question. Still I'm just now considering getting a WSM to start smoking. I wanted to know if anyone had any experience with having these on a wood...
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