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  1. menace2sobriety

    Another turkey question

    Ive searched though some old threads but just wanted to go ahead and ask anyway. Planning on smoking a whole turkey sometime in the next week. Never cooked any kind of bird like this before. Any advice before I end up with a full on turkey jerky. Temps, Times, where do I take a temp reading, any...
  2. menace2sobriety

    whats with the rub???

    maybe I'm stupid, maybe I bought a bootleg copy of the book, or maybe the rub, but I bought jeffs book Smoking Meat: the essential guide to real barbecue on my kindle. I was pretty excited to pick up this book and went through it pretty quickly. At first I was a little upset about the info in...
  3. menace2sobriety

    bustin my fattie cherry today

    Been a while since I fired my cooker up an smoked something, so after looking thru a bunch of these fattie threads and decided I needed to try this. Just wanted to keep it simple because Id never done anything like this before and not sure how it will come out. So just ground beef with some...
  4. menace2sobriety

    thermo works smoke?

    Anyone using the thermoworks smoke thermometer? I have two cheap ones that I question how well they work and Ive been eyeballing  this. Just wondering if this thing is accurate and worth the 100 bucks. I know a lot of dudes that used the thermopen for brewing beer and those were awesome, so Im...
  5. menace2sobriety

    first try at pulled pork

    Welp, here we go! This will be my first time trying to do something like this. I have a pork butt that is just over 8lbs, just rubbed it down with my rub, and its chilling in the fridge for now. I think Im gonna get up at about 2 in the morning and try to get this thing going on the smoker by 3...
  6. menace2sobriety

    First smoke on new smoker

    So I decided to do ribs instead of the pork butt I got. It's supposed to be raining so that's why I opted for the shorter cook. So far I guess everything is going well. It's smells good anyhow. My concern is that my smoker wants to stay up around 300 instead of where I wanted to be (225-260). I...
  7. menace2sobriety

    planning first cook

    this weekend i burned a fire in my new smoker with nothing in it and i got it all rubbed down with oil. Now Im ready for my first smoke. I think. wife brought me home an 8lb butt, which is about twice as big as what we normally do in the crock pot when we do pulled pork. Im a little intimidated...
  8. menace2sobriety

    well I'm smoked

    So today i seasoned my new old country wrangler and while i did that i cooked some ribs on my old kingsford grill. kind of a so long cook i guess before i try to sell it for a few bucks and move on. I didn't cook anything in the OC wrangler just burned some charcoal and a few pieces of wood in...
  9. menace2sobriety

    needing advice

    So as of now I still don't own a smoker. I just have a kingsford charcoal grill that I did try to smoke a brisket on last summer. the brisket came out ok but took way too long and was damn near impossible to keep the temp where I wanted it. So If been looking at different smokers for a long time...
  10. menace2sobriety

    New here (take 2)

    Hey everybody! This is my second attempt at an intro lets see if this works. Soo, I moved to Clarksville Tn last july after being in Germany for 3 years. Up until I moved here I always used gas grills and when I got here to Tn I needed a grill and didn't have much money so I went out and bought...
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