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  1. minn.bill

    Pissed off royally

    I'm not a happy camper at all tonight and I dont expect this thread to stay up long tonight but today SMF stole 15 dollors again from me this is the 2nd year in a row .last yearI personnly emailed jeff at least 3 times and left severall post on line never hearing back I finnally gave up .That...
  2. minn.bill

    Premier membership statis

    I havent been visiting this site since the crash a few months ago.but got charged again for another year of p.m.s.yet it doesnt even show up on my logo any more If any one can help get my money back and the auto renewl stoped on my credit card it would be greatly appreciated. thanks bill
  3. minn.bill

    A smokey day

    Fired up the vault again yesterday.friday night i rubbed down 2 -8# butts with yellow mustard and Jeffs naked rub then 2-4# beef shoulder roast's with willinghams origanal rub.Fired up the vault at 6am .filling the cast iron pan with a combination of kingsford hickory bricks and foil packs of...
  4. minn.bill

    It hurts so good.

    My stomach that is,started the morning out throwin some slabs on the vault,rubed with willinghams original rub ,smoked with hickory at 250 for 4 hrs spritzing with apple cider every hr then foild for about 3 more hrs. In the mean time I injected 2 doz wings with franks red sauce and smotherd...
  5. minn.bill

    willinghams rubs

    A friend had me over for a rib fest last wknd and WOW like ive never tasted great ribs before! after a few hours of begging he finnally gave up the secret rub .john willinghams. best ive ever had you all have to give it a try.he sent me home with a bag full and a jar of willinghams cajin rub...
  6. minn.bill

    todays smoke

    cant wait till tommor to eat.been teasing myself since yesterday when i started prepairing 4 small, 3-4 lbs each pork roast's for pulling.coated them with mustard and a 50/50 mix of jeffs naked rub and cajin dynomite dust. fired up the vault this morning at 7 and smoked them with hickory at 240...
  7. minn.bill

    Back in gods country!

    and it feels so good.been in southern south dakota sinse about april 2nd and finally got home on fri.hadent even seen my smoker all summer .had to just live off the smell of the forum all summer.had lots of q view to drool over.picked up a 1/4 cow from a local farmer and a 25# box of pork back...
  8. minn.bill

    memery wknd

    after 2 months of living vicariouslythrough all of you ive finally made it home for the wknd.725 mi.and 11 hrs after leaving south dak.i was back in gods country and looking at old smokey.so after staining our deck and privacy patio,doing 2 months worth of lawn and garden work.and repainting all...
  9. minn.bill

    back in touch

    with the real world.packed up my camper and headed for south dakota on the 2nd .and just got hooked up to the web today.408 posts behind .wow dont know if ill read them all or not.but since ive left home weve had 3' of snowback homeand its been a cold rain and snow her for the last 3 days...
  10. minn.bill

    to lump or not ?

    ive been grillin my whole life born. and raised 47 years worth of kingsford briquetes, love the flaver ,it kicks ***.but ive heard rummers that lump is that much better for grillin flaver.would like to hear from anyone who knows.until i joined the forum i had never even heard of lump before but...
  11. minn.bill

    just playin

    just had to try this just might work
  12. minn.bill

    holy slow smokes

    what in the world is going on. i thought yesterday was slow but today i cant even pull up a thread to read.it took 20 mins to get this up.i couldnt get page 2 or 3 at all.humbug.
  13. minn.bill

    easter ham on the webber

    been on for 2 hrs now,grill is runnin at 350 and internal temp is at 75.bark is already lookin to good .mam o man i cant wait this is the only way to do a ham. am using kingsford charcoal with apple and hickory chips in the foil bags.will top off with augratin spuds corn dinnerrolls and carrot...
  14. minn.bill

    lookin for a friend

    gunna be working out in pine ridge south dakota this summer, will be leaving in about a wk was wondering if any of you were from out in that neck of the woods. pine ridge ,hotsprings or chadron neb.going to be out there about 4 months ,my wife is coming with this year thats cool wont have to...
  15. minn.bill

    another batch of snack stix today

    mixed up a batch of venison and pork, 8 pnds ven to 4 pnds pork yesterday mixed with a premaid seasoning from gander mnt. stuffed theminto 21 mm casings and let them cure overnight .put them in the smokerthis morn for an hr at 130 without wood and then added hickory for about 3 hrs.was keeping...
  16. minn.bill

    new job

    the company that i work for picked up a new job out in pine ridge ,south dakota we'll be out there from april to august any other smokers out that direction? my wife will be traveling with me and im sure we will be looking for things to do on wknds. allthough we have never been to the black...
  17. minn.bill

    1st time summer sausage

    and it turned out awesome!. been wanting to try this all winter and today was the day.did a twelve pound batch of venison summer sausage .i got four three pound sticks out of it .i used a mix i got from curleys sausage kitchen and mixed it with 8lbs venison and 4 lbs pork i also added an ounce...
  18. minn.bill

    what do you pay

    for brisket?was in the store today just lookingand was a bit surprised at the price. never done one before but its getting close. packer brisketwas about 1.88 pnd and the flat alone was almost 4 do most smokers do the packer or the flat?later bill
  19. minn.bill

    help me out

    i would like to know more about posting on this site ,i;ve figured out an awfull lot ,but am having problems when it comes tohighlighting quotes and pulling them down to a post and say like goiing back in time finding answers for peaple and putting the links in tha replys. i'm sure its not all...
  20. minn.bill

    venison bacon

    Did another 25lb batch of venison bacon this wknd.turned out awsome .love this stuff. its from curleys sausage kitchen ,man i like his seasonings
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