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  1. minn.bill

    Pissed off royally

    I cancelled it last year I have not been back to this site since I dont even know where to look or go anymore I just want out for 2 years now Ban me and take me out of your system.I'm rocking your boat till it sinks here.
  2. minn.bill

    Pissed off royally

    Same kind of response I got from you last year.after 3 emails to him I gave up.he never even got our paypal info from me its my wifes account and we cant even accsess it .this is Bull 2 years in a row
  3. minn.bill

    Pissed off royally

    I'm not a happy camper at all tonight and I dont expect this thread to stay up long tonight but today SMF stole 15 dollors again from me this is the 2nd year in a row .last yearI personnly emailed jeff at least 3 times and left severall post on line never hearing back I finnally gave up .That...
  4. minn.bill

    Premier membership statis

    I havent been visiting this site since the crash a few months ago.but got charged again for another year of p.m.s.yet it doesnt even show up on my logo any more If any one can help get my money back and the auto renewl stoped on my credit card it would be greatly appreciated. thanks bill
  5. minn.bill

    Smoker or Dehydrator??

    I'm a dehydrater fan.
  6. minn.bill

    Did a porterhouse last night

    So where are these pics your lookin at?
  7. minn.bill

    Spicy Smoked Chaurice Sausage

    Wish i could hunt with you!
  8. minn.bill

    A close up tour of the New Wood Smoker Cooker and Trailer

    very nice .cant wait to see her with smoke rolling out and the bikes going for a ride.
  9. minn.bill


  10. minn.bill

    Smoker and trailer back from powder coat

    That is a good?But it is a sweet build.
  11. minn.bill

    Thawing Large Pieces of Meat?

    take it out 24 hrs in advance that should be plenty of time.If it thaws to early just throw it in the fridge.or put it in the fridge 2 days ahead and let it thaw in there.
  12. minn.bill

    Trail Bologna!

    That looks really good.going to have to try that next.
  13. minn.bill

    A smokey day

    Fired up the vault again yesterday.friday night i rubbed down 2 -8# butts with yellow mustard and Jeffs naked rub then 2-4# beef shoulder roast's with willinghams origanal rub.Fired up the vault at 6am .filling the cast iron pan with a combination of kingsford hickory bricks and foil packs of...
  14. minn.bill

    How About A Prayer For A Brother And His Wife?

    prayers from minnesota!
  15. minn.bill

    Lake Trout Ice Fishing

    Wow looks great! what lake were you on? my buddies and I go up to pipestone every sept. and its awsome.have yet to go on the ice.
  16. minn.bill


    now thats funny!
  17. minn.bill

    Meat Slicer, Witch One, Witch One

    I bought cabelas cheaper model 2 years ago.a 100 $ unit and cant complain at all.
  18. minn.bill

    Hanging around Piney will get you in trouble

    Looks like you got your share of the stimulas package into the economy allready.
  19. minn.bill

    new kingsford

    I love kingsford .going to have to find me some.
  20. minn.bill

    Masterbuilt Gas Smoker Mods

    Nice mods and good pics.heres some more points.
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