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  1. civilsmoker

    Steak Knifes

    We uses these as our daily ones, have had them a couple of years, just don't put them in the DW.
  2. civilsmoker

    Need a Moderator to check this ( spam )

    Phishing at its best.......always a good feeling to be wanted.....NOT by a BOT
  3. civilsmoker

    Featured Soy Glazed Beef Plate Ribs!

    Many thanks Waterin! I'll pass along the props to the boy on the recipe....He does read here from time to time.... Thank! I can say there weren't any left overs zero zip non.....not even the got got any!
  4. civilsmoker

    Featured Soy Glazed Beef Plate Ribs!

    Only slightly.........
  5. civilsmoker

    Burger Buns

    Nice samich for sure!!!!
  6. civilsmoker

    laying meat on plastic

    I would suggest building a couple 2x4 post type fence rack and hang them vs on the floor with mice, spiders, fly's, and other things that may/will crawl all over them....... Second if on a concrete floor the meat will very quickly be the temp of the floor/ground which will be typically be higher...
  7. civilsmoker

    A pellet smoker that actually smokes meat??

    You are welcome. Most of the new PID controlled pellet smokers have 1 to 2 meat temperature probes. My Recteq has a 1.25 inch hole with a cover that makes it pretty easy and painless to plug them in. An yes you can conveniently smoke in the TEETH of winter if your smoker is not out in the...
  8. civilsmoker

    Featured Soy Glazed Beef Plate Ribs!

    No worries, all questions about smoking are good.....Yes lots of different equipment available and the choices are often difficult because I want all of them usually isn't one of the choices.....LOL
  9. civilsmoker

    Featured Winging it

    Those look very tasty! Nice work!
  10. civilsmoker

    Featured Soy Glazed Beef Plate Ribs!

    Thanks SHS! I would probably take you up on that! the only thing better than a meat plat is a plate with more meat!!!!! It may be a local thing, I was back in Costco last night and they had a whole bunch and even added thin sliced versions of them as well. If I didn't have a pork should and a...
  11. civilsmoker

    Would you eat these?

    I think they are a little to pretty to eat, so just pass them over and I will properly take care of them! Nice setup and KILLER cook!
  12. civilsmoker

    Featured Soy Glazed Beef Plate Ribs!

    LOL, always need pizza on speed dial! PS I know what those ribs tasted like......One never forgets that taste...NEVER
  13. civilsmoker

    Featured Soy Glazed Beef Plate Ribs!

    Murph, welcome to the forum! I guess need a little bit more info to answer the question fully, but I smoke things year round so yes I smoke in the cold as in cold outside air temps. I have smoked things when the out side temp was -26 or so, most good pellet smokers will work good in a wide...
  14. civilsmoker

    Featured Soy Glazed Beef Plate Ribs!

    LOL....a good story has to build for the "big finish"..... Oh and tell me about it, I've seen similar but was pretty much flying blind to how they would turn out, but risk of having to order pizza hasn't stopped me from experimenting yet....LOL
  15. civilsmoker

    Featured Soy Glazed Beef Plate Ribs!

    many thanks!
  16. civilsmoker

    Featured A dozen Salmon Tails

    Very nice and you got a very nice set up unit there for sure!
  17. civilsmoker

    Swifts Back ribs 50% off at Kroger/Ralph’s

    That's the beauty of the rules of supply and demand......Price goes up, demand goes down, price goes up even further to offset the lost product revenue, demand goes even further down to almost no demand because people are eating our of the freezer waiting for prices to come down......Price comes...
  18. civilsmoker

    Why are commercial rubs so salty?

    If I'm not making my own, I use kinders often, however, I often supplement it with additional seasonings to keep the salt level lower. I have also had a few fires in my older pellet smoker....on time the beef ribs I was cooking were burning like wood logs....it was crazy, a few lbs of salt and...
  19. civilsmoker

    Featured Soy Glazed Beef Plate Ribs!

    Many thanks Keith! It sure makes it easier to have a helper make things....It was really rather simple cook that turned out in the PLUS column for sure! Thanks, Cortney
  20. civilsmoker

    Featured Soy Glazed Beef Plate Ribs!

    Thanks David! The glaze did put a nice touch for sure! They weren't on the radar for me till I spied them in Costco....glad I went with the wife! Many Thanks RAY! The actual presentation on the the plate was way more than I expected....but sometimes things come together Thanks Push! We...
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