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  1. smokintn

    First meat run in the new smoke house.

    36hrs cold smoke then 1/2 hour per pound hot smoke until done.
  2. smokintn

    turkey brine weight change.

    I put three turkeys in my brine 3 days ago and pulled them today to check the weight and all three have lost almost a full pound each. Does this sound right.
  3. smokintn

    Is cold smoke the same as clean smoke.

    Everything I read is about cooling your smoke before it gets to your product. Is that the sole purpose? I have set a thermometer prob directly in the defuser from my smoke generator and it's only about 1-2degrees above ambient temp. Would I gain anything from a smoke piping system like I've seen...
  4. smokintn

    Playing while I am Waiting on turkey brine

    I have three turkey in brine to do my first meat run on the new smoker. So I decided to play with some cheeses. I've done a lot of cheese research and tried Gouda yesterday cold smoked for 4 hours with self harvested peach wood chips. Ambient temp of 65 degrees and internal temp of 65.8 degrees...
  5. smokintn

    New smokehouse is built and ready for the test run.

    After a couple months of planning and spending more than the wife will ever know the new smoke house is up and ready to roll. Fingers crossed that my research and my fathers lessons have paid off.
  6. smokintn

    built my new smoker.

    Hello everyone I've been reading your posts for months and now I've just finished building my new smoker. I wanna say thanks for all the info I've found here it helped me make critical decisions. My new smoker can cold smoke and hot smoke. Here are a few pics.
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