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  1. raptor700

    No Foil Brisket

    Started with a 11.5 lb Choice Brisket, Seasoned with Salt & Pepper Smoked on a RF Smoker @ 225º  with Pecan for 10 hours This is the 4½ hour mark 8 Hours 10 Hours  Rested for 1 hour and sliced Tenderness and taste were spot on! Thanks for checkin' out my post  
  2. raptor700

    Bacon with Pops Brine

    I turned a 10 lb pork belly into bacon using Pops Brine  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/110799/pops6927s-wet-curing-brine Cured it for 10 days, then removed from the brine. Trimmed the Rind off, Patted dry and coated with black pepper, let sit in the fridge overnite before smoking...
  3. raptor700

    Bottom Round (Qview)

      Started with a 3.5lb Bottom Round Roast Rubbed with S&P Smoked with RO Lump and Maple, pulled at IT of 135º Rested for 30 mins Sliced and ready for sammies this week  Thanks for checkin' out my Bottom Round 
  4. raptor700

    Smoked BBQ Chicken Burgers (Qview)

    I trimmed some chicken thighs for a comp. so i thought i would try something new. I ground the trimmings (80-20) with some of my spicy chicken rub. Made some ¼ lb patties  On to the smoker with RO Lump and Cherry Brushed with my bbq sauce the final 30 Min's. Pulled at 165º IT...
  5. raptor700


    'Bless me Father, for I have sinned.  I have been with a loose girl'. The priest asks, 'Is that you, little Joey Pagano?' 'Yes, Father, it is.' 'And who was the girl you were with?' 'I can't tell you, Father. I don't want to ruin her reputation.' 'Well, Joey, I'm sure to find out her name...
  6. raptor700

    Another easy Bacon post

    Me and my neighbor Craig, (fpnmf) split a case of bellies, his turned out great http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/124885/bacon-made-the-easy-way#post_836596 I smoked them in the smokehouse with Todd's, Pitmaster Blend pellets for 48 hours. I used the same curing process as...
  7. raptor700

    Smoked Tri-Tip(Qview)

    I've been real busy lately and haven't been able to post much. So i thought i would share some Qview. This smoke started when i was looking for something to smoke for my birthday,  i wanted something that i don't have very often, then i remembered that my buddy Brian (bmudd14474) had given me...
  8. raptor700

    Meatloaf (Qview)

    My buddy returned from Maryland where they like Pit Beef, He said he had a great recipe for Meatloaf, so we fired up the smoker and gave it a try. He used 5lbs of 80/20 with some peppers, onions, tomato, eggs, breadcrumbs,and seasonings. Rubbed with McCormick's Smokehouse Maple Seasoning. We...
  9. raptor700

    Pork Sirloin Roast (Qview)

    Started with a 3lb sirloin pork roast rubbed with 2½ Tbs Paprika 2 Tbs Kosher Salt 2 tsp Minced Garlic 1 tsp Cracked Black Pepper 1 tsp Onion Powder 1 tsp Cayenne Pepper 1 Tbs Italian Seasoning (Basil, Thyme, Oregano) Smoked with RO Lump and Cherry Rubbed and into the smoker Pulled...
  10. raptor700

    Loading pics with new format?!?!

    I think i get it now It worked :biggrin:
  11. raptor700

    Roast Beef (Qview)

    Smoked a ST Roast saturday night for some Sammie's next week. I pulled at an IT of 140º, i wanted 135º but it still turned out good. I let it rest in the fridge overnight before slicing. I smoked with RO Lump and Cherry. Rubbed with Season Salt and CBP. For some reason my pics of the rub...
  12. raptor700

    No Foil Butt (Qview)

    I did a no foil butt today for dinner. It was only about 4lbs. Smoked for 6 hours at 250º with lump and cherry. Pulled at 178º IT for slicing. Here it is resting, the bark was very crunchy and delicious. Man this thing was juicy A sliced pic The wife thought it was to pink, so she...
  13. raptor700

    Stuffed Bell Peppers (Qview)

    I had the smoker going so i thought i would give this a try. Started with Bell Peppers, cleaned and washed.  The wife had this in the pantry, so i thought , what the heck. I browned the ground beef, then added the remaining ingredients but didn't finish cooking on the stove as they will...
  14. raptor700

    Myrons Muffin Pan (Qview)

    My buddy ECTO will appreciate this one. This is Myron Mixons recipe for muffin pan chicken. I'm practicing for my next comp. in Tallahassee next month. I filled my pan ½ full of chicken broth. Then I took a muffin pan and drilled 5 holes in the bottom of each muffin cup to allow the chicken...
  15. raptor700

    Hamburger Steak (Qview)

    I have these quite often and thought i would share them with my buddies. Started with 1 # of 80/20, then added, garlic powder, chopped onion, worsty,, salt, and cbp. I smoked them @ 250º for 1½ - 2 hours with RO lump and pecan. Then tossed into a pan of Brown Gravy to simmer. All...
  16. raptor700

    Breaking in the Smoke House

    Started with 20 lbs of pork Then cut into 1' cubes and seasoned with this, and 1 oz. of cure #1 and refrigerated over night Smoke rolling The AMAZNPS doing its job Finished after 10 hours of cherry smoke (it's all the pellets i had left) Came out great I would rather use...
  17. raptor700

    My Buddies made me do it!!!! (Qview)

    After seeing Tom C's Tri-Tip and Otter's PR i had to run out last night and see what I could find. I found a boneless 5lb  Rib Roast for $5.22 lb Rushed back home and fired up the Char-Broil offset with RO lump and pecan. Rubbed with this while the cooker was coming up to temp. Rubbed...
  18. raptor700

    Fun Facts About Bread

  19. raptor700

    Sunday Brisket (Qview)

    Trying a brisket recipe today Got a 10 lb'r and trimmed all the fat and silver skin Rubbed with McCormicks Beef Stew seasoning and CBP Into the smoker at 8:30am @225º with lump and pecan, I'm out of apple chunks  Here it is after 4½ hrs Its' coming along nicely, updates to follow.  ...
  20. raptor700

    Just another Rib Smoke(Qview)

    I was doing some practice with my comp ribs last night, they turned out so well  I thought I would share them with the gang. Started with 2 racks of St. Louis style ribs 1 injected and 1 without injection. I've heard that in the south the judges like it sweet and sticky,so here we go! I...
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