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  1. ritchierich

    Pizza Practice

    00- king author flour Mild crumble Italian sausage Motzz and feta cheese Red sauce Pepperoni 7-8 minutes Grill set at 400 Stone and chamber 750ish
  2. ritchierich

    Pizza Time!

    Can not wait to try out this pizza attachment on the rectec 700! It looks to be a good solid build. It’s made by green mountain.
  3. ritchierich

    Fatty Time

    Onions,peppers, used hot Italian sausage. Smoked cheddar cheese. Smithfield bacon.Smoked with pecan. Rested then rolled in dough. Turned heat up to 400 and finished.
  4. ritchierich

    Tri Tip

    Tri Tip
  5. ritchierich


    Sunny and 13deg.! ABT s with lil smokies and cream cheese. Wings and some queso dip. 250 temp. Using lumberjack cherry wood pellets. Rectec 700 I just read a thread about rolling bacon on here for the abt s and yes it works great. Thank you for the technique simple as it is. I never thought of...
  6. ritchierich

    Screening pellets?

    If so will you share your set up? Looking for ideas. Thank you
  7. ritchierich

    Lang 84 --- Assassin 28 smoker

    BBQ Equipment Sale. Package Deal. Lang 84 $1800.00 Assassin 28 $3000.00 Meadowcreek 42 $600.00 (chicken flipper cooker) Cajun deep fryer $500.00 (8.5 gal. 3 basket) Grand Hall...
  8. ritchierich

    Santa Maria build for the Kettle

    Bit by the santa maria bug!!!!! You all are killing me with the threads. Just getting started, staging up working the kinks out. I will post more pics as I go.
  9. ritchierich

    Dry Aged Sous Vide Steak?

    Has any one sous vide a dry aged steak? I did a 28 day dry aged New York strip roast couple months ago using UMAI bags and it turned out great. I just grilled them quick at high heat. But now having a anova now I am thinking about getting another one aging!
  10. ritchierich

    Game Day Smoke

        3 racks of St.Louis style ribs. 2 Pork shoulders. All from Cosco All rubbed with Cowtown The Squeal Hog Rub. A really great rub which I recommend unless you mix your own. Shoulders on @10AM  Ribs on @12pm  The Assassin 28 purring at 265 deg. Hickory wood chunks for the smoke and...
  11. ritchierich

    Jumped in!

    Thanks for all the post! I just ordered a Anova last night! And I will be in hot water myself when the wife finds out! haha. Has anyone tried Tri-Tip out with this? Thanks Ritchie
  12. ritchierich


    Hey don't give up. They work great. I did this New York strip last month. A choice 43.00$ from our local meat market. It was done last month here in MI. In my garage fridge. There is no heat or insulation. 29 days on the bottom rack. Stayed 35-39 deg. Normal opening and shutting the door(mostly...
  13. ritchierich

    Assassin 28

    The new addition to the team!  Just uncrated and will start seasoning this weekend. I have some learning to do.Never used one.I love my Lang84 but some cooks a set and forget would be great too.Any input on these would be great! Thanks
  14. ritchierich

    NEW TOY!

    Discada, cowboy wok, plow disc cooker!  New toy for the outdoor cooking area. I never used one yet so if anyone has some recipes or has used one please feel free to give me some insight or ideas! Thanks Ritchie
  15. ritchierich

    Friday Morning Pulled Pork

    Rubbed and sat for 1 day in fridge. Basic rub. No mustard. 9-10 lbs.Off at 4 am.  10 1/2 hr total using apple and cherry wood. Foiled at 170 took off at 205. Rested in cooler for 1 1/2 hr. PULLED and ready!! Have a great Friday friends!!!!
  16. ritchierich

    Sunday smoking

    10lb pork shoulder for my team at work! Just trying to make Monday better. Turned out great! 10 hours used apple and cherry wood. Wrapped at 170 pulled out 207 set 2 hours in the cooler and then pulled. used finishing sauce. wow what a difference it makes!!  A lot of the guys didn't want any bbq...
  17. ritchierich

    Ribs in the rain

    Ribs about 2 hrs in. Apple and cherry wood.
  18. ritchierich


  19. ritchierich

    Chili cheese onion hotdog fatty

  20. ritchierich

    Hey i am Dexter MI

    I use a Lang84 model.I have great luck smoking and cooking on my egg but I wanted to step up and be able handle more people.So far so good only couple cooks on it but larger scale in new to me.Great to see some help from you all!   thnx Ritchie
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