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  1. franklin3

    Marinade Vacuum Tumblers?

    I use the same one, have for several years. It’s not meant for brining and will not replace brining unless you run it 24 he’s a day and it’s not made for continuous use either. It does a quick marinade, one of my wife’s favorites we used to soak chicken for 48-72 hrs. The vacuum tumbler does...
  2. franklin3

    I did it! I built my curing chamber! (Massive amounts of Build-View)

    Thanks for sharing, I’ve been wanting to try this.
  3. franklin3

    Tacos complete

    Well Done Chilli! Its me Dave from A.T.
  4. franklin3

    Basic Brisket Smoke

    great thread, more informatin than I can absorb.
  5. franklin3

    The Old Ways

    Your right I didn't mean to sidetrack or hijack the thread. I just think that its up to parents and grandparents to pass these things along to their kids within the family, as far as kids looking at this as nothing more than chores, thats a matter of perspective, every coin has two sides, if...
  6. franklin3

    The Old Ways

    Just yesterday my 13 year old grandaughter broke dpown and prepped four freezer packs of spare ribs for me while I watched on with pride.  She gutted and skinned her first wild boar at age 9. I hear what you are all saying and I too felt the same so I did something about it.  I started doing...
  7. franklin3


    Smoker sniffers:  I thought I was the only one to do that! Wife sees me walk by the smoker and says what you doin hon? I mumble under my breath oh nothing, jus smellin the smoker. Your doing what? I said I was just chasin a gopher!  you dont want them in your garden do you? Works every time...
  8. franklin3

    Any wood workers out there...... this is cool.......

    Hmmmmmmm!  I wonder if he could make a wooden vacuum tumbler?
  9. franklin3

    Masterbuilt propane smokers

    I have been using the MB propane smoker for a few years now.  I do lots of fish cuz I live for Salmon season here on the west coast.  My H.O. on the matter of cold Vs. Hot smoking is that so long as you use a smoker that has the burner in the tray chamber your not going to get low enough temps...
  10. franklin3

    Basic Pulled Pork Smoke

    I have done it both ways foil and not foiled and prefer to foil them at between 160 and 175.  My point is that the tenderness does not take place until higher temps are reached weather its wrapped or not makes no difference you still need to get over the stall and reach temps around 200 degrees...
  11. franklin3

    Basic Pulled Pork Smoke

    The last one I smoked I took a closer look as the temps approached 160 degrees I found that in my smoker it took about one hour to raise the internal temp 10 degrees.  At 180 there was still a lot of resistance pushing the thermometer in and the shoulder still had a lot of "firmness" to the...
  12. franklin3

    Vacuum Meat Tumbler - Special Price!!

    I ordered this one here when I spotted it a month or so ago.  Used it on a family marinate for BBQ chicken.  Normally I would marinate the chicken in the fridge for 24hrs. I did the task in 1.5 hrs in this tumbler and it worked awesome.  It was to noisy for the kitchen though so I set it up in...
  13. franklin3

    Basic Pulled Pork Smoke

    You just haven't had the right slaw!
  14. franklin3

    Masterbuilt propane smokers

    Thats a beauty
  15. franklin3

    Masterbuilt propane smokers

    Thats a steal.  I have been using mine from sears for a few years now and i love it.  Sometimes wish it was bigger but i would feel that way with any model.
  16. franklin3

    Feb Throwdown

    Toughest vote I ever made.  It would have been nice to see these up close and get the tastes and smells of each entry.  Appearance and ingredients tell a lot and everyone of these look tantalizingly good.  Who would have thought so much creativity could be found in a Salad!   Thanks and well...
  17. franklin3

    Feb Throwdown

    Hey I just discovered this feature and have been reading back through, printing out the winning recipes. Cant wait until the next one so I can join in on the fun. Cant wait to see what comes from the Salads!
  18. franklin3

    Where do you buy your pork fat??

    Lance if I could get my hands on a sunny day Id have to keep it right now.  They have been few and far between here in usually sunny California.  Its to wet to ride and to stormy to fish. Oh yeah its Christmas day also! SO we have a home grown ham in the oven, Crab on the boil and grandkids on...
  19. franklin3

    Where do you buy your pork fat??

    Gotta get that fat into those lean game meats or it just dries up on you.  Sounds like you have it dialed in.  Just a thought but you could send me some and I'll let you know how good it is! LOL!
  20. franklin3

    Happy Holidays

    I just want to take a minute or two to post a general thank you to all the good folks here at SMF.   Since joining I have spent countless hours reading great posts on everything having to do with the joys of smoking meat.  I have learned to make my own hams, pastrami, summer sausage and a mess...
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