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  1. domn8_ion

    New From Southern Illinois

    Welcome to SMF. You'll love it here. Don't worry about the electric smoker. There are plenty of people here with electric smokers. We'll let it go this time.
  2. domn8_ion

    fresh whole hog NC style (sorta) in the great white north

    Sounds like a fun time. Minus not having the perks of having your own equipment with you. Hope the q-view works so we can see some of the finished. Good story all in all though. Thanks.
  3. domn8_ion

    Just tryin' to help, Hunny!

    Two words.... Fuh...Nay! Bet they don't have another one. Cause that 9 iron might not be to the noggin.
  4. domn8_ion

    What do y'all think of the smokenator?

    Is there anywhere it's sold retail? I'm not fond of buying things online.
  5. domn8_ion

    UDS 2.0 on her maiden voyage

    Man that's pretty. But why did you have to steal my coffee table to put next to it?
  6. domn8_ion


    Don't need to be retired or a chemical engineer to do that.
  7. domn8_ion

    What's your favorite ABT stuffing???

    Like mine with seasoning mixed in the cream cheeze and topped with pepper jack. Wrapped in bacon, of course.
  8. domn8_ion

    Tuning a Smoke N Pit

    Okay, I see what your thinking Dave. I mainly just want to clarify for myself though. The smaller holes are closer to the firebox, correct? I only ask because the diagram has the big holes on the left.
  9. domn8_ion

    No Words were spoken

    Another case of over thinking things.
  10. domn8_ion

    Brinkman Smoke n Pit

    I've got an SNP. I like mine. As Rivit explained and listed almost all the problems with it, its good. Especially if you like tinkering. But most offets need the same mods. Just look at the threads and you'll see mods for all of them. Just pick a thread for anyone and it should work on another...
  11. domn8_ion

    Another from Tennessee

    Welcome to SMF. Glad you found us. Bet you've seen a comp or 2. Be sure to chime in with some of your experiences.
  12. domn8_ion

    Frozen Burrito

    I've smoked stuffing before on a cookie sheet. It came out pretty good. Does that count?
  13. domn8_ion

    Simple brisket question.. i think

    Is that a corned beef briskit? Cooking for 10, Get a whole flat and trim it yourself as already posted. More control.
  14. domn8_ion

    ET-73 and a big smoke

    Wait to add the finishing sauce. The vinager could break down the meat and make it mushy. It's great stuff though. By the way, thanks SoFlaQuer for the recipe.
  15. domn8_ion

    Metal questions

    I'm sorry if I missed it, but have you extender the chemney down to the grates yet? It's a cheap easy mod most people do with offsets. Some use dryer exhaust vents, others use some type of metals.
  16. domn8_ion

    Metal questions

    Gonna have to say that the aluminum is safe. It take some high heat to melt it. And if you get your smoker that hot, your not smoking anyway.
  17. domn8_ion

    Been a long time...

    Sounds like you did a great job raising your daughter. I just hope I do as well with my kids.
  18. domn8_ion

    Buying wood in NJ

    Try this www.smokinlicious.com I think its the same site your looking for.
  19. domn8_ion

    Frozen Burrito

    Did you defrost the burrito first, or throw it o frozen?
  20. domn8_ion

    Cures & Brines

    Times like these make me want to break down and get cable. Just for food network and G4 tv.
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