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  1. night fish

    Babyback rib help.

    My go to for baby backs is 2-2-1 with as much of Jeff's rub as I can get on the ribs. Slather with regular yellow mustard to help the rub stick, cake on the rub, 1/3 cup apple juice in the foil, apply any BBQ sauce for the last hour, keep smoker at 230-240 with cherry wood when not in foil...
  2. night fish

    Propane smoker under $250

    I run this smoker and love it. I bought mine online from Sams Club in Ohio for $199.00 with free shipping. Very happy with it. Been cranking out fantastic smokes since day 1.
  3. 4 hour or less cooks???

    4 hour or less cooks???

  4. night fish

    4 hour or less cooks???

    My favorite short smoke these days is a tri-tip surrounded by ABT's over a pan of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans. This combo is hard to beat even for longer smoke items. The best way to do it is to move your recliner onto the deck and spend a few hours quietly watching the magic happen through the...
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  6. night fish

    Smoker Suggestions For Mom

    I have a 38" propane smoke hollow and have been cranking out some delicious eats thanks to the awesome folks that contribute to this forum. My mom has witnessed the joy that smoking meat has brought to my life and has recently shown interest in getting into the smoking game herself. The other...
  7. night fish

    Super Bowl Salmon Nuggets

    Lookin' good   I'd love to sit down with that tub and a fork.  I've smoked at least 17 zillion salmon but never tried nuggets. Those cute little chunks look like the perfect thing to put in my daughters lunch to take to preschool! I usually do my salmon in strips. Is there a reason why you...
  8. night fish

    Smoked Pickled Herring

    Oh my ... This is right up my alley!! Our local herring run is about to start any day now. I already have the ingredients to pickle some, but now it looks like I need to get my hands on a smoking gun ASAP. Thanks for the idea and inspiration.
  9. night fish

    Salmon recipes

    Smoked lobster tails!!  Tell me more...
  10. night fish

    Salmon recipes

    Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I know that the pellicle is a big deal to some folks but I've found that for me it isn't worth fussing over. To be completely honest, I can hardly tell the difference in the end product with or without it. Maybe I'm missing something... One very influential...
  11. night fish

    Salmon recipes

    I'll second that.  I've smoked a lot of salmon and have tried all kinds of recipes but settled on the simple brown sugar and salt for both quality and convenience. I actually use a 5/1 ratio mostly because the sugar I buy comes in 2 pound bags (5 cups) and I can just dump in all in a mixing...
  12. night fish

    Thinking of selling my MES 30

    I don't know much about MES smokers but I do know this: I bought a 2-door 38" propane Smoke Hollow with a window on the door and started smoking meat less than a year ago. I took it out of the box, seasoned it, did the water boil test on the thermometer, read a lot about meat smoking on this...
  13. night fish

    Dungeness Crab!!!

    We crab mostly out of Eureka and San Francisco, fish salmon all over the place (mostly in Oregon these days), and land our tuna in either Astoria or Newport.
  14. night fish

    Dungeness Crab!!!

    We're screwed. Things were improving down here for awhile and then the last batch of crabs tested increased in toxicity by almost 100%. The good news is that I still have some picked meat in the freezer from last year!! The frozen stuff is nothing like fresh but still works out great for things...
  15. night fish

    Dungeness Crab!!!

    Not Fair ... So not fair. We're still singing the domoic acid blues down here in CA. Heartbreaking to say the least. Another good reason to move to OR i guess.
  16. night fish

    Tri Tip and Rib Q-view

    Nice work! It's hard to beat the tri tip and ribs combo. You've inspired me to fire up the smoker this week. Thank you. I run a Smoke Hollow with 4 racks and my all-time favorite smoke is baby backs on the top rack, a tri tip on the second rack, ABT's on the third, and a big pan of Dutch's...
  17. night fish

    Anybody smoke with fig wood?

    Anybody out there ever do any smoking with fig wood? How would you describe the smoke? I'm taking down a good size fig tree and am wondering if its worth keeping the wood for the smoker. Thanks
  18. night fish

    More Smoked Turkey Legs -- Pics

    Looks awesome! I'm inspired. How do you reheat and eat them once they have been frozen?
  19. night fish

    Crabs on the grill

    I like to live-back dungeness, bust them in half, baste them heavily with melted garlic butter mixed with lemon juice, and toss them on the grill. When they're done cooking I just move them to the cold side of the grill and start eating them with my bare hands right there in the yard like a...
  20. night fish

    Finishing Old Smokey

    What a beauty! Thank you for taking the time to put together such a detailed post. You've helped inspire me to build one of my own.  Question: What kind of cooking chamber temps can you get in a smoke house like this?  I cold smoke lots of salmon and I assume that this type of design would...
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