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  1. rtbbq2

    REC TEC has a new front shelf

    Hi All, I see on the REC TEC web site accessory section that they will soon have a folding front shelf. The REC TEC name will be laser cut in the center of the shelf. REC TEC says it will be 12" deep and the width of the pit. It will bolt onto the existing front leg bolt holes. Easy install for...
  2. rtbbq2


    This batch of sausage I made used the High Mountain Venison Bratwurst mix. I bought it just to try it out. The kit comes with all the spices, cure, salt and  hog casings. I mix a combination of 10lb. venison, 7 lbs. pork and 7 lbs. beef. The family doesn't like the strong venison taste in...
  3. rtbbq2

    4-Pork Butts in the snow with Q-Views

    Hello all and welcome to spring. It's still snowing in sunny Minnesota so I thought I would fill the freezer back up with pulled pork. Put two on my MES30 and two on my Big Red Kamado kooker.... of apple juice and rum. 25% rum and 75% apple juice. 31.25 lbs. of beauty. Here is on of...
  4. rtbbq2


    Friends went rainbow fishing and asked me to smoke some of them. I used a basic salt, brown sugar and water brine mix. I added some granulated onion and garlic, 2-bay leaves to the brine as well. I brined the trout for about 12 hours in the fridge. Once out of the brine, I rinsed them well in...
  5. rtbbq2

    Smoked Bear and Venison Sausage Stew

    Pulled the last piece of hind quarter from my 2011 Ontario black bear out of the freezer to make a stew. Probably 4 lbs after trimming the fat. Rubbed with my spice rub and marinated the bear meat in Moore's Marinade overnight. Smoked the bear to 150°  in a 225° smoker temperatrure. I wanted to...
  6. rtbbq2

    Pizza and Mexican Fatties

    Did a pizza and Mexican. Obviously this is the pepperoni pizza fattie. I use BOBOLI original pizza sauce. Onions and green peppers!....... Mozarella cheese is  good, then sprinkled with parmesan and a little oregano!.... Weave the bacon then hit the smoker with it...
  7. rtbbq2

    18 lbs. Pork Butts with hourly Temperature Log

    Sam's Club Pork Butts $1.58 per pound. Worth the membership alone just for the pleasure to buy their meat. Out of the fridge at 4:00 am all rubbed up and ready for a little injection. This time I used Jeff's rub but I added the following. 1 tbls each of cumin, granulated ancho peppers and...
  8. rtbbq2

    Shopping For A Good New Vacuum Sealer!

    Hi All, I am looking to buy a moderately priced food vacuum sealer. Looking for some imput to stear me in the right direction. I am not a bottom feeder but at the same time don't want to buy a high priced commercial unit. Any Help is greatly appreciated. Many Thanks,....RTBBQ
  9. rtbbq2

    Spatch-Cock Chicken with Q-Views

    Decided to do a couple of chickens on Friday afterwork since I would not be grilling the rest of the weekend. Split the backs and cut the spine out of the birds and washed them good before brining. Brined these birds in a mixture of Water 1-gallon, 1-cup of Kosher salt, 1/2 cup white sugar...
  10. rtbbq2

    Homemade Wood-Chip Smoker From An Empty Chicken Can With Pic

    Some times you need to use lots of smoke when you cook a quick supper like chicken wings. The A-MAZE-N pellet smoker is a wonderful pellet smoker in the upper right front corner. However, I also like to burn wood chips. Like the pellets, they come in all  kinds of flavors. I have never been...
  11. rtbbq2

    Authentic Mexican ABT's with Little Smokies & Chicken With Pics

    Washed and ready to be sliced and stuffed, 18 jalapeno's This time I used yellow onions chopped really fine. Salt and peppered the peppers then on with the onions and cream cheese and Mexican cheese. Next I put chicken on half of the peppers and Lil-Smokies on the other half. I used two...
  12. rtbbq2

    Stopped by A-Maze-N Products today and learned some tips from Todd owner

    Greetings from Smokie Minnesota! I just stopped by AMNP today to buy some product and met Todd the owner of AMNP. Really nice guy Todd is. He gave me a demo and fixed me up with a pellet smoker and a good mix of pellets. I bought his AMNP in cherry, bourbon barrel, apple, oak, hickory and their...
  13. rtbbq2

    Catching up with some Pork pics.

    Two Boston Pork Butts from Sam's Club, just under 6 lbs. each. Rubbed both with mustard olive oil then granulated garlic, onion, Willinghams Wham seasoning and brown sugar. Then in the fridge until morning. The next morning was a great day to smoke. I had them on the smoker by 7:30 am. Here...
  14. rtbbq2

    Pork Loin Roast

    Hi all, Just a quick question looking for some imput. I rubbed down a pork loin roast this morning with mustard, garlic powder brown sugar and Byrons Butt Rub. I plan on putting it on the smoker either tonight or tomorrow night. I am wondering if anyone injects pork loin roasts or shall I leave...
  15. rtbbq2

    New to Smoking Meat Forums

    Hi all, I recntly joined your forum so wanted to say hello. Jeff directed me here, to the roll call page to introduce myself, so hello from chilly Minneapolis, Minnesota. I just finished brining and smoking some chicken legs and thighs today so am still in my glory. Hickory and cherry was the...
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