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  1. pete5574


    So I fell asleep on a brisket nit reached 175 at last check 130am. Woke up at 445 to a cold smoker and brisket at 33. I have it in the oven wrapped in foil. Safe to eat? Chef Jimmy? B please help!
  2. pete5574

    $5 kob 15.4 lbs!!!

    At my local walmart yesterday in southern Vermont I spotted this steal!!! Thought I would pass it on with meat prices about to go up!! Pete Ps I ment Kingsford original. So sorry about the confusion. Imagine Kobe beef for $5 a lb!! Darn spell check
  3. pete5574

    Should I be concerned?

    So the weekend cook of brisket and pork is over. I noticed, what appears to me, to be sone paint coming up close to the firebox. Good,bad, both? I don't know. Do I clean the smoker and reseason? Any advice is appreciated. It's a brinkman tmle. I have a baffle plate. Thanks Pete from Vt
  4. pete5574

    Home Depot!!!!!

    Just saw at my local home depot Kingsford 18lb 2 packs for $9.88. Thought I would pass the savingsbc v on;)!!!!!
  5. pete5574

    Brisket questions

    Hello all, I am having an engagement party on Saturday. My fiancé and I are having people over around 1pm on saturday. I have taken Friday off to bbq. Doing pork butt and a whole packer. What is am wondering if when the brisket is dine, how's to reheat. No idea on this. I have the pork covered...
  6. pete5574

    Family Gathering

    Hello all, I am having an engagement party and need some help with the amount of smokey goodness I am going to produce. Around 30 to 45 people. I'm thinking pork butt and brisket. I'm am thinking that 20lb of pork butt and a 15 to 20lb packer. I smoke on a brinkmann trailmaster le. Any advice...
  7. pete5574

    Quick stall ?

    Smoking a 10lb butt of Brinkman trailmaster le. Royal oak lump, apple and pecan chunks. I am wondering specifically about stall Temps. I was reading a lot today and 165 to 170 for the start of stall. Today I hit 154 after 3 hours. It lost 4 degrees then took another 2-3 to get back to 154. My...
  8. pete5574

    Food cart

    Hello all. I am being given an opportunity to run a single man operating food cart . I have never smoked for the masses. I will be working for some body with deep pockets. With that in mind, I'm looking for advice on a smoker. I am a stick burner but am wotried I won't be able to give it my full...
  9. pete5574

    Smoking in the rain.

    Hello all, so I live in new England where the weather changes quickly sometimes. I recently purchased a brinkmann trailmaster limited edition. I am concerned about using it in the rain. I Am Aware Of The Temp Fluctuations Etc. What I am really concerned about is the wellbeing of my smoker...
  10. pete5574

    New from Vermont

    Hello all my name is Pete and I live in southern Vermont. I started smoking over the winter by using tin foil and plugging all the holes in my gas grill. After lots of research into offset smokers I went with the cheapest I could find. A brinkmann $99 model. I figured if I can learn how to make...
  11. pete5574

    guidance needed

    I have a cos. Some mods done to it so not that bad. I am new to the smoking game. I have destroyed my first brisket!!:(. I am doing a 9 pound shoulder. What I am wondering is, I started a bed of charcoal and added apple chunks. I am 4 hours in a different have used a lot of wood To keep the...
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