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  1. hotnspicy

    How much do pork shoulders/butt cost at Cosco & also baby back ribs?

    I am in VA and closest one is 1 hour drive. Been trying to sell BBQ ever other weekend if I can get some good prices. Please don't think am lazy but can't seem to get at least a ball park. Ty in advance!
  2. hotnspicy

    Some pics from our last smoke in the Blue Ridge

    I met someone here on the forums earlier this year when trying to organize a get together for the VA Smokers group.  Here are a few pics of our second smoke at the cabin from a couple weekends ago.    We smoked a couple butts, brisket, ribs & had a great time again.
  3. hotnspicy

    I won my first competition......

    But it was just a back yard party contest.  All for fun & charity.  Two groups, the Home Brewer's club & The Pepper Lovers club got together for a brew & BBQ contest & party.  They brought the beer & we brought the BBQ & sides.  There were 10 pulled pork entries.  This was my second time...
  4. hotnspicy

    Entering another competition :)

    I recently joined a group called The Pepper Lovers Club.  Its a non-profit group that helps people pay for vet bills they can't afford.  The thing we have in common is peppers & cooking.  So every month at the meetings there is a theme & that was wings & salsa this month.  I brought wings & was...
  5. hotnspicy

    Hello future bottle of chipole sauce!

    I love my chipotle :)
  6. hotnspicy

    Bacon Jalapeno Deviled Eggs :)

    Saw this today & gonna make it this Sunday since I have more jalapenos than I know what to do with.  I am gonna use bacon mayo which I make using bacon grease.  Just swap out your olive or vegetable with grease in liquid form just before its cold enough to go solid.  Will let you know the...
  7. hotnspicy

    Really starting to get comfortable & confident with BBQ

    I bought my first barrel smoker about 4 years ago & did pretty well with chicken.  I just wasn't getting the results I wanted with pork or brisket till I started lurking around here & Jeff's site.  I wasn't taking care of my smoker either & left it outside most of the time.  Last year the bottom...
  8. hotnspicy

    Emergency advice needed!

    How long can a pork butt rest wrapped up with towels in a cooler & still be "pull-able"?
  9. hotnspicy

    Independence Day party at undisclosed location in VA :)

    I have made BBQ for about 6 total over the years.  Just didn't have opportunity to do much larger.  This year I am expecting around 25 or so & doing lunch and dinner.  I admit I will probably break some BBQ etiquette because of my rig limitations or because I wanna do this & still enjoy the fun...
  10. hotnspicy

    Blue Ridge, VA Weekend Q and Get together May 17th - 19th

    The Virginia Smokers group wanted to have a gathering but not very many could attend.  I offered to host at a hunting cabin that I have access to which is located on the Calfpasture River in Goshen VA.  I am gonna cut & paste a good description from our group forum.  Here are some pics....
  11. hotnspicy

    I think I am gonna do this!

    I have always wanted a wood fired pizza oven but its an expensive luxury.  I saw this the other day..  http://thehomesteadsurvival.com/build-homemade-earth-oven-project/#.USZahFc72Sk Seems like this is right up my alley & gonna put it on the bucket list for the summer.
  12. hotnspicy

    Neighbor got a Brinkman Trailbalzer for Xmas...not going so well..advice?

    Oops its a trailmaster!  This is all my fault cause I got his family addicted to my BBQ.  Anyway he did his maiden voyage with 2-8lb butts which he put on a 7am.  He has been running at 275 degrees all day & right now they are only at 155 after 10 hours.  Of course he has a bunch of people...
  13. hotnspicy

    Why doesn't the SMF groups section of the forum show any posts on the main page?

    Was just wondering because I was invited into the VA group & posted some pics of a cabin we could use for a gathering.
  14. hotnspicy

    Had to share this!

  15. hotnspicy

    Bacon Mayo

    Normally when I make mayo I use EVOO or Canola.  Saw this a long time ago & gave it a try.  Its really good.  Try making some deviled eggs with it :) Enjoy! Bacon Mayonnaise Yield About 1/2 cup Ingredients 1 egg yolk 3/4 teaspoon Dijon mustard 1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice Sea salt...
  16. hotnspicy

    Teriyaki marinade/glaze

    I have been using this recipe for over 25 years.  One of the reasons why I like to make most everything I eat from scratch is because I am so often disappointed by store bought bottled sauces or marinades.  In regards to teriyaki specifically is that they all taste salty or too much soy.  This...
  17. hotnspicy

    My spice source

    Being new to the forums I was not sure where to post this.  If a mod has to move it I will take note.  Anyway as you all get to know me I prepare/cook just about everything I eat from scratch.  I have one entire cabinet in my kitchen dedicated to spices along with herbs & peppers that I grow &...
  18. hotnspicy

    Ketchup recipe

    I like to make as much of what I eat from scratch.  I used to prefer Heinz Ketchup over any others.  Since I got this recipe from another cooking forum I belong to I have not bought Heinz again.  Ketchup I think this recipe came from Hillbilly Housewife 1 (6 ounce) can tomato paste 1/2 cup...
  19. hotnspicy

    Beef shoulder roast?

    Was wondering if anyone has tried that?  I have a lil room to spare on the smoker this Sunday & they are on sale atm.  Also was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on what temp to pull it?  I was thinking around 200-205 but I really don't like making dog food :)
  20. hotnspicy


    I have been using Jeff's site for some help after I bought my first smoker 3 years ago.  Its been very helpful & now I think I am comfortable & consistent with it.  My friends are inviting themselves over when they hear I am firing it up & my neighbors ask if there is any room for me to smoke...
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