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    Dad-in-law got a Traeger, still can't cook

    I like the way you think. Great idea.
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    Dad-in-law got a Traeger, still can't cook

    I'm nothing if not helpful and positive I want him to get the most out of this great hobby.
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    Dad-in-law got a Traeger, still can't cook

    I think I figured out the possible issue. Although I can't confirm because I don't have the book I would imagine it is the same recipe from their website. I think he quit reading after the 1st part were it says cook it 6 hours and just thought he was done without realizing he had another 3-4 to...
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    Dad-in-law got a Traeger, still can't cook

    Those were decent.
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    Dad-in-law got a Traeger, still can't cook

    That's definitely what he SHOULD do (that's what I've been doing ever since getting into smoking stuff and I still consider it a learning process). Unfortunately, he's one of these guys who never really adapted to the computer age. I think I've devised a plan. Next time we're over there when...
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    Dad-in-law got a Traeger, still can't cook

    My father-in-law got a Traeger. He's retired and basically doesn't do anything but sit around watching the golf channel so I actually had suggested that he get into smoking meat, thinking it would give him a hobby. So for the 4th of July we go over to their house and he's cooked a brisket and...
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    Pellet grill in apartment

    Camp chef user here. I cannot imagine a pellet smoker under any sort of covered patio area. now if it's open above it could conceivably work.
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    Exploding Grill?

    Freaky situation for sure. What's concerning is my Camp Chef is almost continually doing the thing where it funnels out and I'm having to restart the fire on longer Cooks (you can say Keep It full but once you've done to bed...). Guess I I just need to be careful. Definitely makes me wish I'd...
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    What pellets do you buy?

    I've only tried Pit Boss Mesquite and B&B Pecan so far. The B&B was miles better for what that's worth. Just bought another bag of it last weekend. Thought about getting some hickory for more smoke but I liked the Pecan so much I just thought 'why mess with what works?' I did buy some of those...
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    1st Try at a Smoked Turkey

    Looks really good, Chris.
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    Camp Chef DLX vs Pit Boss Classic vs Pit Boss 700FB

    I'm not sure if its exactly the same because its quite a bit cheaper than that one, but they've got a version of this model they are selling at wal-mart now. They had it out on display last time I was over there. Seemed like a quality unit. I particularly liked how tight the door appeared to...
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    Camp Chef DLX Bronze Color

    I've got the Smokepro XT in the bronze color. I wouldn't say it matches the Weber bronze color. This is a bit duller, more gold to it, less brown compared to Weber's take on bronze. I'd save your money if that's specifically what you are looking for.
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    Help me out, is pellet right for me?

    I'll answer, yes, a pellet grill is absolutely right for you. I faced much the same questions you did. I've got a toddler that keeps us plenty busy. Babysitting a grill was becoming problematic as this little guy has become mobile (and having a chimney of lit coals around even for a 20-30...
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    First brisket on Camp Chef smokepro XT

    I applied it to the sides (actually on the firebox) and then the top (actually on the lid itself so I could see to make sure it didn't impact the hinges). I'd definitely recommend it if you have an STX (which if I'm not mistaken is essentially the same as the XT but with different legs). My...
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    First brisket on Camp Chef smokepro XT

    Hey all, I got a chance to cook my first brisket this weekend on the new Camp Chef smokepro XT. Before starting this project I added some fireblack to the lid and it made a world of difference with the stability of the temperature I was getting and maintaining. The brisket turned out great. One...
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    Help with new Camp Chef smoke.

    I got a Camp Chef smoker recently and had the same issues at first. Switch to using a smoke tube every time. Haven't looked back. It works great.
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    pizza oven attachment for my Daniel Boon

    Can't wait to hear a full report. I ended up with a camp chef but was tempted by the gmg because io this pizza oven availability. Sounds like a really neat concept.
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    Well, pulled the trigger on the Camp Chef

    Used the Smokepro XT on lunch and dinner today. First an attempt at a pizza with a stone which didn't turn out well at all (dough didn't rise) but I think it was more the stone and/or the dough's fault, then some chicken tenders which turned out great. No smoke flavor to speak of on either as...
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    Well, pulled the trigger on the Camp Chef

    Thanks. I think I will get one if those. I re-read the instructions and tried it again today on a pizza with a full hopper and a well fed auger. Much more consistent temps.
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    Well, pulled the trigger on the Camp Chef

    Supposedly according to the camp chef website it's essentially the same grill less and except no pellet dump (but at only $399). Had some major temp swings towards the end of my cook today. (Set 225 actual 180, raised temp to 275 actual over 400). I hope it's because I let the auger run out a...
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