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  1. seminole

    Making Healthy Sausages

    Making Healthy Sausages is a book that has been long overdue.  The book reinvents the traditional sausage making process by introducing a completely new way of thinking. The sausage is not spiced hamburger meat anymore, but rather a “package” that contains meat plus other ingredients. All those...
  2. seminole

    Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages-700 pages reference book

    A new book-Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages by Stanley and Adam Marianski has recently been released.  Not a simple cookbook loaded with recipes but rather a one- volume reference (700 pages) that bridges the gap that exists between technical textbooks and the requirements of the...
  3. seminole

    Building Charcoal smoker out of freezer

    DaveNH, Great work, I am impressed. In case you decide one day to produce fermented sausages (salami), now it may be the right time to give it some thought. Have a look at the link below that deals with the equipment which is needed for making fermented sausages at home conditions. May be you...
  4. seminole

    How long should smoke last?

    Hi Walking Dude, It's been a while.... Yeah, six pack is a magic word. Even hopeful v-president candidate Palin defines a typical American guy as Joe Sixpack. I think we should start adding one can of beer into sausage mass during mixing. We add red wine to Salami Milano, sweet Tokay to...
  5. seminole

    Internal temp

    Trichinae in pork is killed by raising its internal temperature to 137 F (58 C). The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations requires pork to be cooked for 1 minute at 140 F (60 C). We can not apply these procedures to a product that will be cold smoked and never cooked. Storing pork at low...
  6. seminole

    Head Cheese Demystified – You Have Made It Many Times Without Realizing It

    Head cheese or brawn or souse is in fact not a cheese, but rather a jellied loaf or sausage that may or may not be stuffed into a large diameter casing. Traditionally it was made entirely from the pork head meat but today people who live in large cities can not buy pork head anymore. But… we...
  7. seminole

    Polish Sausages

    DeejayDebi For American plants the word Polish Sausage or Kielbasa means the same thing: a sausage stuffed into 36 mm and 1 foot long casing, regardless of the meat combination or spices used. This is a marketing trick to convince a customer that he is buying some original product. Pure...
  8. seminole

    Free Smokehouse Plans

    There is a lot of useful information, plus some plans at: http://www.wedlinydomowe.com/concrete-smoker.htm In my opinion for a beginner nothing beats the Concrete Block Smoker (link above). Don't forget to check the photo of the most original smoker I have seen in my life...
  9. seminole

    Polish Sausages

    Krakowska Sausage (Kielbasa Krakowska) has been always one of the top sellers in Poland. It is made in other European countries under names such as: Crakovska Sausage, Krakovska Sausage and so on. One of the top 5 Polish sausages, it derives its name from the old previous Polish capital city of...
  10. seminole

    Soy Protein Concentrate

    Salmon Clubber, 1. Soy protein concentrate will help to trap more water inside of a sausage and the sausage may even look better (more plump and less shrivelled). On the other hand every time you add an extra ingredient you are missing out on the taste and flavor. If you stay below 3% in...
  11. seminole

    Polish Sausages

    Smokin Mississippi Lady, 1. Common salt is NaCl (sodium plus chloride). Too much sodium can increase blood pressure. Our body cannot produce sodium by itself and not enough of it will create problems for our nerve and muscular system. Sausage or not you need some sodium in your diet which most...
  12. seminole

    Polish Sausages

    Kabanosy is probably the finest meat stick in the world. The name Kabanosy comes from the nickname â€kabanek†given to a young fat pig that was fed mainly potatoes in XIX Poland. Kabanosy Recipe: Meat – 5 kg, good quality pork such as pork butt. Salt – USA Salt-90 g plus 12 g (2...
  13. seminole

    Polish Sausages

    This is another Polish classical sausage. It is a fresh version of the Polish Smoked Sausage (Polska Kielbasa Wedzona). During Easter Holiday it can be found on every dining table and it is traditionally served with soup called "zurek". It is also a great sausage for grilling. If you look at...
  14. seminole

    Polish Sausages

    Well, stop looking, it does not exist. The good news is that you can make the perfect sausage yourself every time as long as you obey the basic rules of sausage making. There are millions of sausage recipes floating for free on the Internet and your own creation will be as good or better. How do...
  15. seminole

    Polish Sausages

    1. Polish Smoked Sausage (Polska Kielbasa Wedzona) The most popular Polish sausage and the only one that carries the word Polish in its name. Made of pork, salt, pepper and garlic. Marjoram is optional and sodium nitrite is added because meat is cured and smoked. This is how it has been made...
  16. seminole

    Polish Sausages

    Hi Richtee, I agree, pork, garlic and Hungarian paprika is a wonderful combination. Beer, too. Besides, when they are smoked they develop beatiful red color. Original Spanish sausages (Longaniza, Chorizo and Sobrasada) always contain all of those ingredients, though they use Spanish paprika...
  17. seminole

    Polish Sausages

    I would like to start a thread on Polish Sausages as there is a great deal of confusion out there. Not only on the Internet, but in books and everywhere. I have bought a book ($250.00) that is written by a famous professor from the known university and he lists 22 Polish Sausages. He names them...
  18. seminole

    Question for Abratek

    Just Woody, To tell if galvanized steel is good for smoking is like trying to decide which came first, the chicken or the egg. It is made of metal sheets that are dipped into a hot bath of melted zinc and some other chemicals. Zinc melts at 787° F (420°C), and boils at 1,665° F (907° C)...
  19. seminole

    photos of the most original smoker

    On my recent trip to Poland I have discovered the most original wood smoker that I have seen in my life. This guy deserves medal for his inventiveness: http://www.wedlinydomowe.com/photo_g...s/poliwoda.htm
  20. seminole

    Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design

    A different book on meat smoking that came out in April 2006. This is not a cookbook loaded with recipes but rather a tutorial on the art of traditional smoking. It excels at explaining the differences between smoking, barbecuing and grilling. Great information on cold smoking and hot smoking...
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