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  1. darkshadow


    Great thread and reference Good way to look at things! I got it just the way it was laid out.
  2. darkshadow

    FINALLY getting my build going. Trailer 100gal

    Thanks guys. I'll admit a few periods of regret having gone down a path for looks and locked myself into a lot of work. But being able to always look at this and smile and not wish I'd have done it differently ileill be worth it. Had some other work to do in the shop last night. But was able...
  3. darkshadow

    FINALLY getting my build going. Trailer 100gal

    Not sure if anyone's tried this before, but to ease the smoke and hot air turning past the end of the RF plate I used a piece of 2.5" round tube. I'm hoping it will help curve the airflow around the plate and smooth flow out. Been working on my plenum. Wanting it curved, I got a lot of...
  4. darkshadow

    60 gallon expansion tank turned smoker first cook pics.

    Beauty meats! That handle is pretty sweet!
  5. darkshadow

    FINALLY getting my build going. Trailer 100gal

    Thanks guys! Appreciate that! Still grinding away, few weeks out of town for work had slowed me a bit. Did a few small things. Made brackets for my CC handle. Mounted the CC door to its hinges I've ungraded my shop a little with a cutting torch (finally) so I cut some 1/2" plate for my RF...
  6. darkshadow

    FINALLY getting my build going. Trailer 100gal

    Made the hinges for the FB scaled down from the CC ones I built. Drilled a hole for a 1/2" stainless baring to sit Mating serface in hinge pin, drilled and counter sunk Door on, surprisingly had a slight warp in door. 1/2" plate and 1 1/2" X1/4" Angle frame. Didn't think it would. Or...
  7. darkshadow

    FINALLY getting my build going. Trailer 100gal

    Yeah I've been thinking about racks. Originally I was thinking two, could do three, I was thinking about making/getting racks to hold ribs on edge to fit more instead of more skidding racks. Not sure yet.
  8. darkshadow

    Adding to smoker

    Sweet! Yeah the gear reduction in the Window Motors are awesome. I've used them in a few projects. Never thought to use for that! Did you just plug them into your trailer plug?
  9. darkshadow

    33 Gallon Build with Vertical Cabinet - aka "The Copper Pot"

    I like that recessed door on your VCC! That's well done. Very clean. What are your doing with the old tank legs?
  10. darkshadow

    200 gallon reverse flow

    Is it going ON a trailer or are you building it into a trailer?
  11. darkshadow

    FINALLY getting my build going. Trailer 100gal

    Make a plan and GO, as a certified professional procrastinationator I can tell you it ant gunna get done thinkin!!!!
  12. darkshadow

    Canadian Pet Peeves

    Agreed with the meat prices for sure. A friend's husband started working at s pork processing plant. Employees can buy case lots for cheap. I hope he keeps the job so I can buy through them.
  13. darkshadow

    FINALLY getting my build going. Trailer 100gal

    I also got my thermometer in from Amazon. 3" stainless just so happen to fit into a piece of 3" stainless water pipe I had. Makes for a pretty nice eyebrow. Fire box is finished its ungodly amount of grinding and sanding. What an ordeal I tell you. My shop is BLACK. everywhere...
  14. darkshadow

    FINALLY getting my build going. Trailer 100gal

    More progress this week. I had always thought I'd use an axe for a handle for the CC. I really like this look. I had thought I could make something that would look like an axe head out of stainless, then fit a replacement handle and I'd be set. BUT THEN I had an idea. I had recently...
  15. darkshadow

    FINALLY getting my build going. Trailer 100gal

    Ok let's see if I can upload some pics today. I made templates and cut out what ended up looking like stainless commas or apostrophes:/ I took the same glass fittings from my CC hinges and cut them down a little smaller and tigged them to my commas These will create the base of my firebox...
  16. darkshadow

    Boy's birthday beef ribs

    You know it was just my birthday..... I'll Pm you my address for all leftovers lol
  17. darkshadow

    vertical reverse flow build cabinet smoker

    Do you have a tank or pipe yet or are just looking? The first thread in this forum has Dave's write up on calculating your sizes. https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/reverse-flow-smoker-how-to-calculate-build-tutorial.268692/
  18. darkshadow

    FINALLY getting my build going. Trailer 100gal

    Great minds think alike! I was thinking of a stainless front counter, that wraps around the side. I'll see if I can bribe the glazing company's fab shop into bending something for me :). I might need a bigger axel by the time I'm done! Lol I tried to update the thread but I couldn't upload...
  19. darkshadow

    500 gallon fattie build

    That's awesome, will be stunning when you've got the complete set up finished. Sounds like allnyour missing is a spot to hang a hammock.
  20. darkshadow

    150 gallon reverse flow trailer build

    Slightly towards the rear, give yourself a tounge weight that's comfortable for your vehicle. I'm in the same spot of trying to figure where to put mine. You could attach a short section of rail to your springs, that way you can adjust your axle back and forth if needed. The trailer rail can...
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