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  1. BGKYSmoker

    It's Time

    Time to get back into my norm. Going with this mix for 5 pounds. 3 lbs 90/10 gb and 2 lb fresh ground pork (no additives)
  2. BGKYSmoker

    Double Sourdough Starters.

    have 2 going now. On left is a Giza start and right is Carl Griffiths start i got from Brian.......BTW Thanks Brian I keep both and 2 bottles of spring water in my proofer at 79*
  3. BGKYSmoker

    My Controlls

    Years ago when we went full time RV i sold allot of my cure equipment. I did keep some controls and a few other items. Soon to get back into it. Might have to get another beverage cooler.
  4. BGKYSmoker

    Vac Sealing Cheese

    I cold smoked these in mid Dec, finally getting them vac sealed. Got really mellow.
  5. BGKYSmoker

    Goodies From Germany

    I'm finally feeling little better after surgery. My wifes sister sent us a box of goodies. Inside lots of chocolate, wafers and a bunch of salami packs. She said in the letter just let her know what we want and she will send.
  6. BGKYSmoker

    New Cast Dutch Oven

    Got a new one to try for bread.
  7. BGKYSmoker

    Sourdough For Tomorrow

    Mixed up some SD for tomorrows dinner. Shaggy and not very purdy. This is just the flour and water mix at this stage. Cover and autolyse for 30 mins. The next step (forgot pics) was to cover the dough with 150g of active starter. Mix the starter to the top of doung then fold in fo 2 mins...
  8. BGKYSmoker

    Little Bit Smoked Cheese.

    Doing a few blocks of generic block cheese. (yeah i know. Smoked better with wrappers off) I let the cheese come to room temp before smoking. Smoking in Bandera and 2 Amazn tubes with hickory dust/splinters. Left is the new tube. Right is the old just born tube. Total smoke time was...
  9. BGKYSmoker

    SourDough Starter Feeding

    Transfer of my 2 mature SD starters to a new containers. Normally i dont as to not mess up the environment but my wecks are pretty crusty. 75g each starter, water and KA AP. I also put starter in 2 small mason jars if anyone is interested in a swap. Will ship in vac sealed ready to feed and...
  10. BGKYSmoker

    Air Fryer Mooo'Oinks

    Simple for the G-kids. Teenagers will eat just bout anything. Been long time since i cooked for kids.
  11. BGKYSmoker

    Mexican Charro Beans

    Made this yesterday. Makes a large pot......Recipe follows. Slow cooker the pinto's for 4 hours on high. Add 1/4 onion and some salt. Cover and dont stir. Cook up 5 slices of chopped bacon. Chop up 1 cup of ham 3 all beef franks And 1 pound of chorizo. Set these aside while you chop up the...
  12. BGKYSmoker

    Thanksgiving Eve Sourdough

    Just one loaf. After mixing is the autolyse for 30 mins. Dont look purdy here, cover. Now a few stretch and folds. Ok now the overnight rise, covered.
  13. BGKYSmoker

    OKJoe Bandera BabyBacks

    Did the season on the Bandera. My fist smoke in it was last night on some baby backs and a rack of spares. Smokin. Holding a good temp so far. Smoke is hickory. It was pretty chilly out so i had to watch the temps. Looking good. All the ribs done just in time for a 5:30p dinner. Had corn...
  14. BGKYSmoker

    First Bluegrass Gathering?

    Talking with my daughter. She was at 3 of my PA gatherings. She said we could have one here perhaps......EH Like next spring or late summer? You figure out whats best. We have enough room for some tents, campers and 2 fire pits. Hmmmmmmm
  15. BGKYSmoker

    Better Temp Dial

    Bought a better one for my Bandera. Now just need the rain to stop so i can season it.
  16. BGKYSmoker

    Neglected Starters

    Been so busy with doc appts since the accident that i have neglected my starters for while. Both very good smelling still so i discarded and fed this morning. Bread mixing tonight around 7ish. Tip: I was putting my starters i new jars but found they got real sluggish and took longer to...
  17. BGKYSmoker

    Jerky Heading To Family

    Yet again in our military family we have a member who got deployed to Afghanistan. All she wants is jerky. Got 5 pounds of round sliced eye round and 5 pounds of flank. Eye is marinated in Dales and 1 tsp cure. I float the round so its all been covered in the marinade. The flank i do the...
  18. BGKYSmoker

    Pozole Rojo

    Made this yesterday for dinner. Recipe first then my pics. You will need. Ingredients 2 pounds of pork cut into medium sized cubes 6 guajillo chiles 1 Can of hominy 6 cloves of garlic 1 tomato Salt and Pepper to taste 1/2 onion 1 teaspoon of oregano (mexican if you can) 1 teaspoon of cumin 2...
  19. BGKYSmoker

    Poblano Drying

    Dehydrating some poblano to make them into ancho for a recipe i have soon. Drying whole after cleaning them off.
  20. BGKYSmoker

    Fresh Pork Trim

    Got 5lb 7.5oz of fresh (not smithfield injected junk) pork trim for sausage. Local hogs from a butcher. Cubed and bagged in 1 pounders, ready for the freezer and soon some sausage.
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