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  1. cornman

    Favorite widely available bourbon or whiskey

    Someone mentioned Jefferson’s Reserve earlier. I’m no connoisseur but that is a smooth and tasty drink!
  2. cornman

    Smoked chicken

    Pretty color on that bird and great looking meal to boot!
  3. cornman

    Pork Roll, with Egg & Cheese (Ninja)

    Love that pork roll, Bear!!! This is a national treasure that needs to be shared beyond the PA/NJ region!😅 Well done as always sir!
  4. cornman

    Smoked New Years Picnic Ham

    I use picnic ham more often than a butt and love the results. Your’s looks beautiful! Nice job!!!
  5. cornman

    Strips and tails oh my!

    Can I come over? That is one fine looking meal!!!
  6. cornman

    New Year’s Turkey Breast

    For the family New Years Eve get-together, I smoked a 7.5 turkey breast using this self-made rub recipe I found online: Smoked it in the WSM using hickory and apple for approximately 4.5 hours running around 275ish. Sorry, I only got one picture as it was a hectic day but I loved the taste...
  7. cornman

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to ALL My SMF Friends in 2021

    Merry Christmas, Bear and everyone on the forum!!!! Here’s hoping for a better 2022 too!
  8. cornman

    Bear’s 53rd Wedding Anniversary Dinner (Our Best Steak Ever)

    Congratulations, Bear!!! That is one fine looking steak and dinner for your anniversary!
  9. cornman

    Go Army!

    The best rivalry game at the end of the season. Had family in both branches so I just love when it’s classic running and staunch defense. Thank you all for your service!!!
  10. cornman

    Post Thanksgiving Smoked Turkey

    That’s one good looking bird! Well done!
  11. cornman

    Thanksgiving at The Bear’s Den (2021)

    Great looking meal, Bear! Turkey looks spot on and I love the classic cutting board. Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday.
  12. cornman

    Thanksgiving Prime Rib

    Yes, please! Looks delicious!
  13. cornman

    Weber Q issues

    I’m with Brikenhandle on this one. We had a gas fireplace years ago ina different house and when it was installed, the guys said spiders love gas lines and will gunk them up. I’ve noticed it was my gas grill, usually 1-2 times a year. Disconnecting the hoses and giving them a once-over does...
  14. cornman

    Work day Tri Tip

    That looks pretty and tasty too! Awesome job!!!
  15. cornman

    Buying a chain saw

    Grew up using a Stihl and now have one of my own. Just a small gas powered saw, but it does the job, and you can pick one up for under $200 when they have a special. Some tools I don’t mind having electric/battery, but I never want a saw to cut out for lack of juice in the middle of working...
  16. cornman

    Which charcoal brand do you use?

    I know I’m like the 1000th person to weigh in,and I know others have said the quality has gone down, but I still like Royal Oak and it derivatives. Still get a solid, hot and long burn compared to Kingsford. When it’s really cheap, I like a bag of Kingsford to use a small batch in my...
  17. cornman

    Brisket Style Tri-Tip

    That looks awesome! The only bad part is I’m looking at this and it’s still a few hours until dinner !😅😅😅
  18. cornman

    One big shoulder

    Maybe an inch all around…just a good size shoulder, I think the biggest picnic I’ve ever done.
  19. cornman

    One big shoulder

    I think I put an old quote from another thread…my fault!
  20. cornman

    One big shoulder

    First time trying to reply to multiple quotes so sorry if I botched it up, but thank you for the kind words and support!
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