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  1. smokinq13

    Lookinh for favorite sweet bologna recipe/ kits( venison)

    So i just got done with my 30 lb batch of ss from the buck i got last week: This was the high mountain hunter's blend summer sausage kit, its good! Has the right amount of pepper but I'm looking for a recipe or kit for some sweet bologna? Anyone have a go to recipe or kit?
  2. smokinq13

    So 30 lbs of sausage later?

    Alright so i decide with the recent buck harvest i got, to make up a banch of summer sausage. And why do 5 lbs, 10lbs or 15... just do the whole 30lb! Its about 9 lbs of pork butt to 21 lbs of venison. Grinded it all through the bigger plate then mixed in the cure and seasonings and water...
  3. smokinq13

    First time cleaning my own deer

    So i got a buck yesterday! Not a monster but i hunt for the freezer Buddy came over and helped me clean it up ourselves, saved me a trip and 100 bucks! My question is, i got all the meat cut up and separated into gallon bags, how long should i leave it in the fridge before freezing or since its...
  4. smokinq13

    *deal alert* foodlion 0.99 lb pork butts

    Don't know if its just local to me but foodlion has pork butts on sale for 0.99 per lb via mvp card. Does smf have a "deal alert" forum category? If not i think that might be a good idea! Pic:
  5. smokinq13

    Vaccum sealing seasonings???

    So once again i have ran out of my favorite bbq seasoning, Everglades cactus dust. Buying off Amazon is over double the cost from their website but on their website there's shipping cost. But you can buy either the shaker( 3oz) for like 3 bucks or a 5lb bucket for 26 bucks so my question is can...
  6. smokinq13

    Wedding catering meat pt 2 of 2 ( 40 lbs of pork butt)

    Here is pt.1 : https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/wedding-catering-meat-pt-1-of-2-15lb-chuckies.307562/#post-2216077 So this is part 2 of my big smoke for a wedding i am helping/in by being incontrol of the meat. Part 1 was the chucks that i smoked( turned out fantastic!) This part is...
  7. smokinq13

    Tips for building smoker out of 275 oil tank

    Me and a buddy are wanting to build a smoker trailer, but the only propane tanks in the area are "propane worthy" which means they are priced accordingly as well. I got a old oil tank that i can use for one but i wanted a smoker that was a little bigger so i was thinking of taking two oil...
  8. smokinq13

    Catering question? 80 people

    Alright so i just got done cooking those 15 lb chuckies, check out that thread!, was 30lbs of beef... ended with 17lbs and 6ozs of finished meat, this Monday/ Tuesday I'll be cooking up the pork butts, about 40 lbs worth( so I'm assuming20-25lbs of finished pork) . Do you guys think I'll need...
  9. smokinq13

    Wedding catering meat pt. 1 of 2 ( 15lb chuckies)

    Alright so i am incharge of doing the meats for a wedding two weeks away, tonight/tomorrrow i am smoking the chuckies, then resting them and then vaccum sealing them to go into the freezer for the time being. Pt. 2 will be the pork butts next week. We are expecting around 80 people so i beleive...
  10. smokinq13

    "Whole chuck roasts" ... for wedding suggests needed

    So just picked up two "whole chuck roasts" (i call them whole, i dunno if they actually are) ... they are 15lb a piece, I'm smoking them for pulled/chopped sandies for a wedding I'm doing the meat for. What do you suggest, injection, cutting in half, dry brining etc etc all information is good...
  11. smokinq13

    Most cost efficient cut of beef for chopped/pulled beef sandwiches for a wedding ( also got a new toy to show off 36in griddle!)

    So just like the title says, what would be the most cost effective cut of beef to use for sandies for a wedding? Doing this for cousin-in-law's wedding, we're having bbq beans, mac n cheese, then I'm in control of the meats so of course PP is one but they want another meat so i think the next...
  12. smokinq13

    Feeding deer in Pennsylvania???

    So game commission came by the other day( nothing with me or anyone in the family) but they did see that we had a deer feeder. The type that you set to throw corn or whatever whenever you want it too. They said we can not have it, and actually could fine us for it. They said like 3 years ago...
  13. smokinq13

    alright guys I need your help! hunting problems( rifle Ruger American)

    So right now is the last week of Pa rifle season for deer, I just came out of the mountain extremely frustrated! I shot at a deer not once but twice and still missed. week ago happened to me again, came down out of the mountain and shot my rifle in again and it was shooting on target at 65...
  14. smokinq13

    to freeze or to refrigerate? ( ribs and Pulled Pork)

    So Right now I'm smoking 3 racks of ribs and a shoulder for PP for my rehearsal dinner Friday evening. My question is should I freeze or you think they'll be fine in the fridge til I get back to warming them up Friday afternoon? Its right on the border of where I think it'd be fine in the fridge...
  15. smokinq13

    how many of you started your seeds for this gardening season? (Pics and some reading sorry)

    Just like the title says, how many of you started your seeds for this gardening season? I just got mine started last Tuesday and I already have about 80-90% germination rate with the tomatoes! I highly recommend if you need to order seeds to go through ww.migardener.com ... that's where I get...
  16. smokinq13

    suggestions on starting a New lawn?? (also reviews on Snake river farm meats)

    I know this isn't a lawn and garden forum but as much as many of you take pride in your bbq you cook, I'd imagine there is some that also takes the same amount of proud in their lawn. backstory to help fill in( short and sweet): we ( my fiancee and I) were given land from family, it is/ was a...
  17. smokinq13

    First time dry aging, suggestions?

    I finally decided to get my feet wet with dry aging. What i ordered: https://umaidry.com/collections/all/products/sampler-packet-umai-dry-vacmouse You might laugh but I've been watching alot of guga foods videos on YouTube and he makes it seems so easy... is there anything i need to know when...
  18. smokinq13

    Clearance season is among us!

    Once again Walmart clearance season is here so keep your eye open for the deals! I scored a CVA wolf muzzle-loader w/ scope for 124 and today I just randomly popped into a different Walmart and I got power-belts for 11 bucks a piece and Smack-down XR sabots for 7! There hasn't been any grills on...
  19. smokinq13

    brining turkey for tomorrow, used ACV rather than just Apple Cider(opps)

    Its been a while since I posted on here and I thought since I need advise, whats a better place to ask! So just like the title says, I'm brining a turkey and accidentally used ACV( apple cider vinegar) rather than just plain Apple cider. for the ratio of ACV to the brine in total it wasn't much...
  20. smokinq13

    MES 30 in, wire burned out... help with parts?

    So about a year ago my MES30in took a dump on me and the wires to the element burnt out. it must have gotta so hot that it literally melted the rub seal on the back plate as well Since its hunting season and I finally got a doe( no pictures sorry) I'm gonna want to be making some snack sticks...
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