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  1. bbqbrett

    Communicating in Movie Quotes

    Of course I can't forget: What is your major malfunction!
  2. bbqbrett

    Communicating in Movie Quotes

    I am an F B I agent
  3. bbqbrett

    Would you be mad if I served you these ribs?

    I think it is a pretty cool idea. Like others said as long as you specify what the menu item is so the customer knows what they are getting it should go over pretty well. I would definitely give them a try.
  4. bbqbrett

    Ok Tequila drinkers. What's your favorite?

    I very rarely drink tequila. Last time I did it was Cabo Wabo, Sammy Hagar's brand. It seemed pretty good but I don't have a lot to compare it by.
  5. bbqbrett

    First of the Year !

    Thanks for sharing. Needed some good laughs today.
  6. bbqbrett

    Smoking books …

    I agree with you on both of those. Got Smoke and Spice as a gift and thought the same thing. Plus a lot of the recipes seem like a pain in the butt...but that may just be me as I tend to keep things reasonably simple.
  7. bbqbrett

    Forktenders Christmas light contest voting thread. (Please vote in this thread)

    My vote goes to Displaced Texan. Should have voted for PC Farmer though cause those lights look just like mine.
  8. bbqbrett

    Smoking books …

    Franklin BBQ is a good one. Another one I really like is Peace Love and Barbecue.
  9. bbqbrett

    Another Oldie 1977 JC Penny Catalog

    I was 8 in 1977. I remember a lot of the kids wore the mix and match Garanimals clothes.
  10. bbqbrett

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to ALL My SMF Friends in 2021

    Thanks Bear and Merry Christmas to the whole Bear clan as well. As well as a Merry Christmas to all here at SMF!
  11. bbqbrett

    Winter warming beverage

    When it is cold like that I go for a simple comfort drink. Hot chocolate with some peppermint Schnaaps. Probably something that a lot of people would laugh at but it is easy to make and does the trick.
  12. bbqbrett

    Honey or maple syrup on ribs

    I have used honey a lot when I wrap, usually along with some liquid and extra rub as well. Always comes out good.
  13. bbqbrett

    Where do you guys get your wood chunks from?

    I only ordered from them once so I don't have a lot to go by. However the wood chunks were all pretty similarly sized which was nice. I got peach wood which at the time I couldn't find in my neck of the woods. Opening the box though the wood smelled so good and sweet which I hadn't...
  14. bbqbrett

    Where do you guys get your wood chunks from?

    I normally pick mine up at one of the stores. I have also ordered from Fruita wood and was happy with them.
  15. bbqbrett

    Soup de jour.

    Both sounds and looks good.
  16. bbqbrett

    I'm a complete IDIOT

    Oh wow, that is terrible. Hoping you heal up nicely and quickly.
  17. bbqbrett

    What's Your 20?

    Blue turf = Boise State? I recall them getting a trademark on not just a blue playing field, but any non-green turf field, and that high schools or colleges wanting to use something other than green have to (or at least are supposed to) approach them for licensing permission. Seems... excessive...
  18. bbqbrett

    New smoker - KJJ

    Never owned one of those but I got to play with one a couple of times. They are pretty heavy duty and hold their heat really well.
  19. bbqbrett

    New Member - probably not an original title, lol

    Welcome. Nice to see more people from Idaho here.
  20. bbqbrett

    Trying pre-sliced ribs today

    I had some deep fried ribs for the first time over the summer. A local restaurant was doing them at a booth at a soul food festival. They were pretty good!
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