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  1. pastorgadget

    Beef Tenderloin - My first with QView

    I wanted to do something than the regulars, brisket, pork butt, chicken and ribs.  I opened up my favorite Cook book on smoking Smoke & Spice by Jamison. After perusing the recipes I thought I would try Beef Tenderloin. I went to my favorite meat shop and got 2# beef tenderloin. Brought it...
  2. pastorgadget

    Nest in Grill - What to do

    I know this forum is all about smokers but I do not where to turn so I thought I would ask the smoking gurus and see what you say. I just started to rent this house and it has a nice deck and patio grill with a gas line. Pro Chef.  I opened up the grill when I first moved into the house I...
  3. pastorgadget

    When you know that you are really hooked on smoking

    About a year ago I got out a ECB smoker and tried it out. Used a lot of the mods on this site. Had a lot of fun and learned a lot. At Christmas I got a Master Built Gasser.  Really enjoying it. Now I am thinking I need something bigger. Maybe step it up and do a UDS. I think I am developing...
  4. pastorgadget

    More than one therm in the Meat?

    I know not to put a therm in the first two hours of a smoke for most meats. For butt or briskett is it unwise to put in more than one therm into the meat just in a different area? The purpose to validate internal temp.   Of course you have to have a second one, I have three therms, on the door...
  5. pastorgadget

    Best Barbecue Restaraunt in MI?

    I know we all like to smoke our own but one of my pursuits is finding great Barbeucue. My family developed the a taste for Que when we lived in TX.  Ever since moving to Michigan we are always on the hunt for good Que Dining.  Here are our Favs. #1 - West Texas Barbecue in Jackson...
  6. pastorgadget

    My First Butt

    I have smoke briskett's, chicken, ribs, and even a tri-tip.  I asked my family what they wanted for me to smoke on NYE and my daughter leaped up and said "Pulled Pork" her favorite.   So I did some reading and called my local Meat Market. I decided I would do a 4# bonless pork shoulder. The cut...
  7. pastorgadget

    Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel Smoker - First Smokes with Q-View

    I am a relative newbie, started smoking on a ECB this summer, with the help of this forum I have learned a lot. I wanted to upgrade and not have to maintain the fuel so much, and I am on a budget, less than $200 for the smoker.  So after reading the forums and reviews here and seeing what I can...
  8. pastorgadget

    Brisket Flat Cut & Tri Tip in ECB for Labor Day Q-View

    Making my second Brisket today, flat cut. I trimmed some of the fat, put a low sodium rub on.  My beautiful wife has a heart condition and has to limit her sodium so finding a good low sodium rub is a huge plus for us.  I found this one at Kroger their Private Selection line.  It is pretty good...
  9. pastorgadget

    First Brisket on ECB

    I have done, ribs and chicken and we are planning on Brisket and Tri-Tip on Labor Day with friends. I wanted to do a trial run with the Brisket on my ECB. So here is the play by play.  We were on vacation and ran to my fav Meat Shop and they had a trimmed Flat Cut in their freezer. Brought the...
  10. pastorgadget

    2nd Whole Chicken on ECB

    Today I did my second whole chicken on my ECB with mods.  I had a tough time getting the heat up to 250 in the smoker. After digging around the Forum I decided I needed less water in the water pan. I filed it half way then i lowered it to quarter full. Still kept leveling off at 200, not a bad...
  11. pastorgadget

    Hello from Michigan

    I live in Shelby Twp, MI, a northern Suburb of Detroit.  I smoked my first ribs yesterday on a ECB.  Thanks to smoking-meat.com I learned about the important modifications to make the ECB work well.  I have enjoyed reading the forum. Getting a lot of ideas. Before moving to MI I lived in TX and...
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