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  1. hagisan

    1st packer on the Gator

    Rubbed w/ S.P.O.G. Meat hit the pit right at 6am.
  2. hagisan

    Finally got my stick burner

    So it was Friday morning and arrive to work at 6:30 am and perform my morning systems check then do a quick scan on CL for my daily search for "BBQ smoker".  There it is...Gator Pit one owner and I can't believe the price. I immediately fire off an email and text message to the family CFO...
  3. hagisan

    TriTip Jerky - Rookie Run

    I was given some tritip and it's been marinated with a teriyaki/hoisen sauce, coffee and spices and was vacuum packed frozen.  The pack contains 3 pieces and I was planning on using 2 for the jerky.  After doing some searching and reading here, I did not find many folks using this meat for...
  4. hagisan


    The first sample of our team shirts arrived today. 
  5. hagisan

    Pre-Cooked Spiral Cut Ham

    Package says hickory smoked...I can't taste or smell any smokey goodness, so it's going in the WSM. Every 6 months I get 3 different phone books I never use, but the pages make great fire starter. ...more after the break.
  6. hagisan


    Hello from the 916!
  7. hagisan

    Oink Q-View

    Midnight (pst) fired up the smoker. Put it on and went to sleep and this is 7 hours in. WSM held temp all night and still going strong. I really like cooking on these.
  8. hagisan

    Just Say NO!

    I'l just leave this here... 
  9. hagisan

    Pork n Poker - QView

    So, I am up early firing up the smoker for a little pork for poker.  Marinated in orange juice, Dr. Pepper and salt for a few hours. First rubbed down with some olive oil I infused with Thai chilies and garlic. Then liberally dusted with the rub.
  10. hagisan

    Couldn't sleep so I smoked cheese while it was cool...QV

    Can't wait for the cooler temperatures to hit here in Sac so I can smoke cheese every weekend all day. Brie
  11. hagisan

    What do you think about this smoker?

    I want to go take a look at this smoker and would like your input/opinion from just the photos.  Thank you.
  12. hagisan

    Tri Tip on the new Traeger PTG - Q-View

    So, as I stated in me previous post Traeger PTG, Tri Tip will be the first victim on the new smoker. After trimming a little fat and gray skin, I applied a little olive oil and some Pappy's commercial rub and set if the fridge to rest. More after the break...
  13. hagisan

    Traeger PTG score from CL

    Very happy to add another piece of hardware to the mix.  I'm always on CL looking for deals and found a bnib Traeger PTG.  I can't believe the wife let me even consider buying another smoker.  I think the portability and bnib was key.  Upon contacting the seller I offered him $150 and was off to...
  14. hagisan

    Frog!! - It's what's for dinner! - The other white meat? - Qview

    Co-worker brought me some marinated frog.  He recommended I deep fry it, but since I do not like to deep fry, I am going to add a little more seasoning and toss them on the grill wrapped in foil with some butter and a dash of olive oil.  I've grilled them in the past and they, IME tend to dry...
  15. hagisan

    Stuffed wrapped chicken thighs...

    Chicken thighs hit the smoker @ 4:00 stuffed with green onions, home smoked cheddar, wrapped in maple bacon and our rub.
  16. hagisan

    First Tri-Tip in the smokehouse

    First smoked Tri-Tip done in the smokehouse.  Was very tender and had awesome flavor and made for some very good sandwiches the next day.  I will never put another on the grill ever again.
  17. hagisan

    1st Whole BC Chicken

    So this was my first whole chicken attempt in my new WSM.  Did not brine.  Rubbed butter under the skin and applied our rub.  The breasts were a little dry.  Next time, I'll brine to see if that improves the moisture in the breast.
  18. hagisan

    Smoking this morning before it gets too hot - Q-view

    M-Jack, P-Jack, Brie & Bleu cheese
  19. hagisan

    New 18.5 WSM

    I'm very excited to have a new addition.  I scored this bad boy BNIB for $150.  Seller had won it in a raffle.    Sent the wife to the store for some chicken. I also very excited to have scored charcoal from home depot using a price match from lowes and got an additional 10% off my 2-packs.
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