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  1. Led Freddie

    The great Umai Salami reveal ~ one batch and you'll be making more.

    Umai recipe calls for the following: Pork shoulder 1 kg Kosher salt 28 gr Instacure #2 2.5 gr Dextrose 12 gr Black Pepper 2 gr Red Pepper flakes 1 gr Whole pepper corns 1 gr Chili powder 1 gr Garlic powder 1 gr Bactoferm 5 gr I added an additional ground fennel seed 2 gr Onion powder 1 gr I used...
  2. Led Freddie

    Sensual Pork Belly Burnt Ends ~ An Occasional Treat

    I think this should come with a health warning. Sure they're decadent, sensual, tasty and a party hit but holly crap, dont tell your cardiologist. :emoji_wink: Pork belly burnt ends are a simple treat that should be made to share with as many people as possible and a guarantee that even the...
  3. Led Freddie

    Honey Garlic Meat stix ~ Pork and beef combo

    There's a couple ways to go with this one; One is hot and sweet, the other is garlic and honey. Either way they come out flavorful and chewy. Ingredients 1.5 pounds of pork butt 3.5 Beef ( I used a tri tip because it was on special) #1 pink 1 tsp kosher salt 10 tsp brown sugar 4 tsp course...
  4. Led Freddie

    Tasty and fast Meat Stix

    I had half a pork butt staring me in the face and crying out for attention. I've been wanting to make some meat stix snacks for a while and it felt like time to do it. I've seen many recipes to pepperoni but wanted instant gratification so I took a favorite sausage recipe and twisted it...
  5. Led Freddie

    The first batch of Umai Salami fermenting ~ now the fear sets in

    Greetings all. It's been a while since I pulled out the grinder to make anything. I've got a batch of hot Italian sausage thats going in the smoker in the morning and 2 400+ gr chubs of Salami in Umai casings now fermenting. I bought a couple kits to try them out so used their included recipe...
  6. Led Freddie

    Opah! Making Greek Sausage on the road ~ w/ recipe

    RVing and smoking, what a great way to spend winter. Normally I dont share a recipe until it comes out of the smoker but I just sampled some fresh and good Gawd... ITS AWESOME! My wife who is the smoke queen of the castle even uttered the rare phrase, " I love this one." I should have made links...
  7. Led Freddie

    Peppery Tucson Smoked Sausage ~ Easy sausage feasting while RVing

    We've settled into a great little RV park in Tucson we've frequented for 5 years. Far Horizons is a smaller 55 plus park ideally located close to stores and more so, fine brew pubs. My wife ventured out and smoked a brisket. The 8 hours of Hickory was a test of the tolerance levels of fellow...
  8. Led Freddie

    Turkey and sage sausage ~ in time for Canadian Thanksgiving.

    Tried something different for thanksgiving for the two of us. Turkey thighs were on sale so I grabbed 4 and headed home. TURKEY / Sage SAUSAGE 4 Turkey thighs/ deboned and skinned Minced medium course prior to mixing seasonings 1 cup fresh cranberries, minced 1-1/2 teaspoons salt 1...
  9. Led Freddie

    First Timers Simple Italian Sausage ~ Spice it up to your liking.

    I had to try out my new Grinder/ Stuffer that's going on the road with us. I know a lot of folk have separate machines but because I like to make small batches enough for fresh eating or quick use, this guy works fine for me. That and the fact its getting packed up in the Motor Home to travel...
  10. Led Freddie

    First Timers Chorizo ~ options suited for an electric smoker

    Chorizo is such a preferential sausage. Some like it chunky and course ground, other like it fatty and sweet. It's as varied as the wine regions of France. It's really all about your preference. Mexican Chorizo is much different than Spanish Chorizo and Portuguese Chorizo as well. Myself, I...
  11. Led Freddie

    First Timers Easy Sausage Recipe ~ Jump in with both feet

    Greeting one and all. I jumped into sausage making partly do to conversations over too many pints of beer and to keep up to my wife who bought a smoker last year and is the queen of smoking in our parts. With a couple pints of IPA under my belt I went searching for a cheap introductory sausage...
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