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  1. bdbob83

    Alton Brown's Rib Rub #9 and Recipe

    Looks great ...awesome pictures you have a great camera eye..
  2. bdbob83

    Who makes the "perfect" biscuit?

    Just made some gravy this morning but I as well used the frozen biscuits after the reading of these posts I have a new quest for myself ..lots of good info.. and a lot of good looking biscuits I know this is a old thread but keep it up guys
  3. bdbob83

    Forget jerky - make yourself some biltong :-)

    First seen biltong on duck dynasty ..had to look it up on here and seems like I have another thing to try
  4. bdbob83

    I need some advice from someone that knows what I can do with these lemons and oranges…….

    On the cooktop now...I put whole gal of cider with half gal of juice 1 1/4 cups of sugar and 3/4 cups brown sugar 7 cinnamon sticks and few whole cloves after finished I'm gonna put the remaining half gal of juice and liter of Everclear
  5. bdbob83

    Venison Bacon

    Deffently gonna make this....awesome..can't wait one of my favorite things was backstraps and eggs.. now buck bacon ..how's that not gonna be good
  6. bdbob83


    I've been buying the franks buffalo wing sauce it has a thicker consistency and real nice flavor but will have to find and try the thick
  7. bdbob83


    Lol...because the thick juck came out ...it even says "NEW" on the neck on the bottle...but regardless thanks dwaytkus for looking out and franks for clearly knowing what there consumers want
  8. bdbob83

    Pork steaks on the weber

    Looks great .. love pork steaks. .. I've actually been taking shoulder and cuting them up in 2 pieces roughly the size of country style ribs and doing it that way ...plus by cutting them yourself ...you save a lot of money....I do them alongside a couple of racks of ribs timing seems to work nice
  9. bdbob83

    Gettin ready for my first fattys!

    Looks awesome ..can't wait to roll my own
  10. 20130423_201016.jpg


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  12. bdbob83


    So final output on these 3 hour ribs were good not as much smoke as I like but was just right for my wife..the coffee rub on the ribs dry has slight coffee taste but when paired with the the sauce (I used two different types a Memphis style(tomato base) and a Brown sugar base) it creates a...
  13. bdbob83


    I ran smoke about 250 for the first hour..then turned it up 290 for the second hour ..edges of the rub got "burnt" but when I tasted thoes small pcs before foil they had no bad flavor...almost done srry didnt get any pics after step one ..but was in much more of a hurry ..with my already short...
  14. experimenting


  15. bdbob83


    I wish I had more time to do these ribs right but at least I get try a few new things. same start mustard base with a new coffee Rub here's the piggy Didn't get started till 5 so gonna try 2 hours of smoke with half hour of each foil and glaze I'll post more pictures later going to use...
  16. 20130423_172620.jpg


  17. 20130423_172633.jpg


  18. bdbob83

    Retail Names of Meat are changing! Bye Bye Pork "Butt"

    I've been buying my meat from a local farmer for past 5 /6 years usually a side of black angus for me and a side for my dad...have also bought pigs from same guy in the long run it saves you money what is a big cost up front ..only downfall would be there you end up big portion of ground..to...
  19. bdbob83


    Thanks everyone...and ur right bear its ribeyes hands down...well at least for My wife and I The two boys like all steak but the oldest is 5 so They don't know any better ... On a side note just got home from Famous Dave's bbq ...really enjoyed the burnt ends app. Ribs wernt to shaby as well
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