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  1. bombsqd

    Medical students

    I think he was suffering from RCLS  (Rectal Cavity Leakage Syndrome)
  2. bombsqd

    Gun Control

    Gun control is so great..
  3. bombsqd

    How Many Veterans on SMF?

    SSG Gilley US Army Bomb Disposal 1983-1996 Initial Sucess or Total Failure Thanks for your service "Land of the Free because of the BRAVE"
  4. bombsqd

    "The Statue" This is not a joke but there is not a forum for Inspirational.

    Gone but not forgotten remember our fallen heroes "LAND OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE"
  5. bombsqd

    Another Blonde Joke

    Problem is one still got lost
  6. bombsqd

    50 years

  7. bombsqd

    Hog Wild Mobile Al

    I have a friend competing in pro-am but I think he has helpers already, but you can come out and get a taste of Q from some of the cooks. I will be a judge for the backyard division. I will put my team together for next years competition, you should get in on that next year.
  8. bombsqd

    Hog Wild Mobile Al

    This is whats happening in Mobile Al. http://www.bbqmobile.net/
  9. bombsqd

    Smoked Turkey Meatballs

    I'll have to try that also...gonna do some meatballs this weekend and see what happens...
  10. bombsqd

    Smoked Turkey Meatballs

    Anyone ever done Smoked turkey meatballs..Looking for something different and halfway healthy..
  11. bombsqd

    Butt's and Ribs

    Decided to do 2 Butt's and country style Ribs after the car show...last night Butt's were 8# each...rubbed and wrapped Ribs 5# rubbed and wrapped heated gas smoker up to temp about 1630 hrs using pear wood and Jack Daniels wood chips.. Pulled Ribs at 2020 hrs very tasty... late supper...made...
  12. bombsqd

    tonights ham dinner

    Thanks for fixing my plate..just send it on...looks good...
  13. bombsqd


    Big ole pot...corn on the cob..new taters...sausage...shrimp..mud bugs...zatarans...cayene peper...cook till it smells done...dump on table and eat it...popin tails..sucking heads....
  14. bombsqd

    Hog Wild

    This is whats happening in Mobile Al...lots of fun... http://www.al.com/press-register/sto...110.xml&coll=3
  15. bombsqd

    Pullin' a Turkey

    Did a turkey recently and pulled it at 185deg let it rest for 2hrs then pull off bone chopped thr white meat, dark meat fell apart threw it all in a large iron skillet and use some Jack Daniels Q-juice(lightly) and served on buns with slaw turned out great... :D
  16. bombsqd

    egg to water

    :lol: maybe it could use some vi-egg-ra...LOL
  17. bombsqd

    Mesquite Smoked Turkey!

    Thats a nice looking bird...I did one this past weekend with mesquite chunks and jack daniels pellets practice run for turkey day... Bryant
  18. bombsqd

    Building a new smoker

    The dash board would be a cool place for your digital thermometers just like gauges..awsome job
  19. bombsqd

    The pot at the end of the rainbow

    I don't want the treasure in that pot
  20. bombsqd

    Happy 4th

    Remember the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom proudly serving our country...Hope all have a happy 4th
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