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    Newbie w/ a Chargriller Duo w/ SFB

    Hey tdavis, how big is that wok you are looking at? I have a pro-griller and I don't think that would fit in the firebox. But pictures can be deceiving. It does look big enough to hold enough lump since it doesn't take alot of lump to get your temps up there. I would also go ahead and season it...
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    Just finished first set of Pork ribs, asking for help

    Hello Wellcraft, I know this thread was started awhile back but I wanted to try and help. Are you using the temp. gauge on the smoker? If you are your temps. are probably off. The factory smoker therms are almost always off, sometimes as much as 50 degrees. I know mine is off about 45 degrees...
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    1st Butt Since Christmas

    Awesome looking butt. I think I can smell it from here! I have always injected mine too. I know a lot of folks on here say its not needed, but I prefer to do it anyways. I have never foiled mine on the smoker either, I know many do, but I really like to keep the bark from getting soft. Either...
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    Its my birthday today so.........

    Hey Chaz, my b-day is tomorrow and I'm quite sure no one is going to give me a pork butt, so I'm a little jelous.  Personally, I wouldn't cut that butt up. If you are going to be firing up the smoker to do a 12 hour cook I would cook as much as I could and then freeze. Better yet, cook the...
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    Long time BBQer... first time Smoker. Check out my first smoke.

    Very nice looking chicken, congrats on your first smoke, looks like it was successfull!  Now I have to agree with Porked on the shorts jelousy factor. I woke up to -16 F this morning and I have to come on here and see you in shorts? Also, why are you stacking stuff on that hot tub? Let's see...
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    Pulled Pork gone bad

    Thanks for the info Eman, I've never tried it do to never haveing leftovers!
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    Pulled Pork gone bad

    I always find it tastes better on day two and three. When I do pulled pork being around that smoke for 12 hours kills my tastebuds and I can't taste what it really tastes like when it gets done. However on day two my senses are getting back to normal and then it tastes great. As to how to...
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    First smoke with Qview

    Quick question, did you have the butt in the pan inside the smoker? or did you take it out of the smoker and put it into the pan for the oven? If you had the pan in the smoker I would not do this next time. Just put the shoulder right onto the grates. If you want to catch the dripping just put...
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    what to smoke as a newbie

    Wow, 16 pounds for $12!   I wish I lived closer to  South Jersey!  I can't hardly find road kill around here for that price.
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    what to smoke as a newbie

    Just remember, if you cut them in half, or inject or probe them in any fashion before they go on the grill you will need to  hit 140 degrees in 4 hours or less for safety reasons. When cooking one butt or two or even ten it won't effect your cook times, it may take more fuel though. Just keep...
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    Spareribs with Qview

    So what effect do you think the Dr. Pepper had on the ribs. Did it make a big difference? Was the difference a good thing? Sounds interesting and now I am curious.
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    FIRST Smoke: BB Ribs and Butt

    In the future I would look into a rib rack. You can pick one up at most places selling BBQ equipment. A rack would help you gain some space and then you won't have to over lap your ribs. Very inexpensive solution to your space problem.
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    First time at Pulled Pork = Night mare...... with Q-views

    I'm glad to hear everything turned out ok and nobody got hurt. Now on to the cook. I like the way your bark is looking on your ladder, however it looks like it is cooking a little uneven. Next time I would rotate the ladder half way through so that you get a more even bark. I'm not sure what...
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    First Smoke!! Pulled Pork with Qviews

    Congrats on the first cook, it just shows that even Packer fans can do BBQ! Just kidding.
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    Need Advice quick

    I would go ahead and re-heat and then pull. You are going to re-heat it anyways. I'm sure it will be fine, just add a finishing sauce to make sure it doesn't get too dry. Relax, I'm sure it will taste great.
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    Welcome aboard Bombcast. This is the place to get the best info on any smoke you want to do!
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    A Question on Smoking Turkey From Someone New to Whole Concept of Smoking

    Smoking in the house sounds really scary to me. Way too many things could go wrong. I would either smoke it ahead of time and reheat or just cook it in the oven with no smoke. If your house starts filling with smoke or you start a fire it would ruin Christmas alot more than having a plain baked...
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    Hi from Minnesota

    Greetings from Moorhead. Welcome to the SMF boards David. Lots of good info on here. We just tried our fresh batch of deer sausage last night. Very good, but it usually is when its that fresh. Good luck with the new smoker!
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    Where to find Apple Chips

    If you have Menard's stores in your area they should have them. I can get hickory, mestique, cherry, and apple at the Menards here. I wish they would carry Pecan. I want to try that. Might have to order some up online.
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